Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Nice to go outside.

Without shivering and shaking “like a dog….”

Well,  as an exercise in propriety,  I won’t finish off that expression.

Although,  today there’s a bit of a breeze that tends to make it at least jacket weather.  But whatever,  it was pointed out to me this morning at breakfast that it seemed that I had gotten a little more sun?
Which is not to say that I was out lounging in the sun with a book in hand.  You just have to out there.   The “UV index”,  which I rarely pay attention to,  has been pretty high these last few days. 


Of course,  it may have something to do with being out at my sister-in-law’s place for all of the afternoon yesterday taking down a tree.

Now don’t get me wrong,  I was only there to help.  You know,  pull on a rope now and again. 

That kind of thing.

Me,  "at the end of my rope”.

And yes,  I do wear some sort of safety gear.  My brain is going to mush as it is at an alarming rate,  
I certainly don’t need to speed up the process by getting bonked over the head.

Anyway,  that’s my nephew Dan up a tree there. 

Naturally,  his Mom really didn't want him up there,  but I did remind her ever so gently that he is indeed a fire-fighter around these parts,  so rappelling and scaling things isn't beyond the scope of his abilities. 

Plus,  I had a tree service type Dude come to our place and do some trimming while we were away in Maui,  and that was a thousand bucks.  I did negotiate the removal of our sick and dying plum tree that used to be on the corner of the property for that price,  but still,  an entire tree? 
We’re talking several thousand here.

And it’s not like out in the woods where you can just cut ‘er down and yell “Timber!”. 
These be “city trees”.

She has a couple more that are looking not too well,  including an ash that looks like it’s been set upon by the wrenched Emerald Ash Borer.

Anyhoodle,  while the boys were off to the transfer station with all the narly limby bits,  I fired up the chainsaw and cut up the remaining pieces.

Yes kids,  I can still operate a chainsaw. 

Preferably while firmly planted on the ground.

Probably should have left my hat on.  But the compressor makes quick work of errant sawdust on the pate.

Anyway,  it was a hickory tree,  and once we get the wood split up at some point in the future,  and it dries out of course, it should make for awesome firewood.

I didn't seem to have any problems sleeping last night. 

Funny about that.  

Not really surprising.  Also somewhat surprising was that I didn’t really have any aches and pains this morning.  Maybe that comes tomorrow?  I guess I’ll find out.

And that’s all the fun that can be had here at The Ponderosa.

Oh,  and I did get some news back for the good folks at Amazon.  They had refunded the money I had paid for that receiver as of Monday,  and I checked the bank account today,  and that amount has been duly credited. 

Good for them.

Now I have to shop for a new one.  Gah.

Thanks for moving your eyes back and forth.


  1. Hey, I could sweep over real quick and pick up your firewood.

  2. So nice to get our and enjoy the outside weather.
    Other day I picked up 4 truck loads of branches and limbs, great exercise. Felt fine the next day but the 2 following days sure was stiff and sore.
    Still fun nonetheless.

    1. I noticed my left arm a wee bit sore this morning. Two days on.


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