Saturday, April 16, 2016

Seeing Sparks.

Once upon a time,  having bedding that was say,  “200 thread count”  was all hip and cool.  
Or something.  We had to have it, so I didn't argue.

These days,  it’s entirely possible to have sheets and such that are 1200 thread count.  And yes, this does seem like an odd thing for a guy to know, but unless you’re living in a hut somewhere and sleeping on a straw mat,  you know this.
Admit it. 

Besides,  if you’re living in a hut somewhere and sleeping on a straw mat,  I'm not entirely sure why you’d be spending your money on an internet connection instead of something half decent to sleep on. Get yourself a better bed!

Anyway,  on the very same night that the DVR for the security cameras crapped out,  Travelling Companion further added to my confusion by stating that she was seeing sparks come off the bed.

Well,  unless you have a ground strap running from your big toe down to a water pipe somewhere in the basement,  you’re bound to create a whole heap of static electricity if you rub your hand across bed sheets that are 1200 count!   I kid you not!
And,  it’s a just a little bit odd.
I didn't really keep trying it until what’s left of my hair was standing on end, as I was more interested in going back to sleep,  but I was reminded yesterday morning of my lack of personal ground strap when I took the aforementioned fitted sheet off the bed.  Ouch!

Oh and,  even though I sort of "poo-pooed" the idea of 1200 count bedding,  between you and me,  it's really,  really nice.

Meanwhile,  the issue with the Lorex security camera DVR has been resolved.

A new DVR arrived Wednesday,  after I had called on Tuesday to enquire as to why I hadn’t received an email requesting a credit card number.  Seems it wasn’t necessary.

So the new DVR is up and running,  but then I had to spend some quality time (insert sarcastic font there) with a tech in order to be able to see the cameras on the PC.  I still haven’t set it up for T.C.’s Ipad,  but I’ll get there.

To be fair,  the tech was very pleasant,  and did an awesome job.

Considering that this device came in its own dedicated box,  I somehow suspect that replacing these things is maybe a bit commonplace??

Just a thought.

I managed to screw up the order of the cameras,  but it doesn't really matter.

Still haven’t heard anything from the good folks at Amazon.  I’ll not order a new unit for downstairs until they’ve put the money back on my card for the one I sent back.  I've been shopping for one for a couple years now,  so a few more weeks isn't going to make my head explode at this point.   Not going to “cross the streams”.

I think that’s all I have in my pea brain at the moment.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Getting up from my chair causes lots if sparks but our sheets dont. Guess we need to upgrade.

  2. I asked my wife what our thread count is and she just said "Not high, but I don;t know." I got to get out of this hut.

  3. I lived in a mobile home (yep, I was trailer trash) during my first marriage. What's his name often forgot to come home... I was on my own a lot. I knew when the element in the hot water went bad when I'd try to open the metal front door and the damned thing would give me a thrill... And not a pleasant one.... Darned near knock me off those cinder block steps! I learned how to take the panel off the bedroom wall and replace that defective part (I eventually learned to replace ole what's his name).,.. Anyway... Thread count just hasn't crossed my path ... But it sounds nice. But I'm betting my flannel sheets from LL Bean don't even mention such an animal....

  4. We have 400 count sheets on our bed and even that low a number gives some Snap, Crackle, Pop when you simply make the bed in the morning.
    Isn't it nice the way companies eagerly take their money within seconds of a purchase but leave you hanging for your refund. (They're probably making Interest on it that's why they hold off sending it back.)
    Be Safe and Enjoy this beautiful weather.

    It's about time.

  5. Thread count? Now I'll spend half a day researching it.

  6. We have one st of sheets like that but most of the year we use our flannel sheets, living in our rv.

  7. I haven't seen sparks in bed since my 20's!


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