Monday, April 4, 2016

Cold little buggers.

So, I've noticed that the Robins have come back but,  as it has been known to happen every so often,  we have snow in April.
And it doesn't matter how many times we say over and over again, “Well yes,  we have had snow in April’,  I don’t give a shit. 
I don’t like it.

It wasn't as if I had put the snow shovel up in the loft of the shed or put the ice melter in the pit or anything,  but I still had to traipse through the snow this morning to GET to the shovel.

I not so fondly remember coming home from Puerto Rico on something like the sixth of April 2003 to a driveway that we could barely get through. 
Well,  the driver of the car we had pick us up from Buffalo wasn't willing to attempt it,  as it was about six inches,  covered in about an inch of ice. 

Shovelling that the next day was brutal.

In a way,  it was a lucky thing that we had flown in to Buffalo,  as the Toronto airport had been shut down.  They were having some difficulties keeping the runways clear,  and had run out of glycol to boot.

Anyway,  I saw this poor little bugger this morning.  Not sure he knew what to do.  I later saw either him or one of his brethren perched in the tree outside our back door,  and he was lifting his one foot off the branch in what looked like an effort to keep warm. 

In the, “I’ll never finish before I die” department,  I was prompted yesterday to tidy up the caulking around our ancient bathtub.

So it wasn't exactly “Sunday Fun-day”.   And then this afternoon I went about replacing the caulk with something a little more neat and tidy.
Putting it back on was a cinch. 
Getting that stuff off?  Oy.

Of course,  since I suck at this,  I've learned to simply get out the painters tape and tape it all off.

It’s a rare occasion that I won’t use tape.  And it’s been a long hard lesson to learn,  but I’ve had to accept the fact that caulking just ain’t one of my strengths.

And this is on a tub that I'm thinking we’ll rip out within the next while.  Note the fifties “Avocado” colour.
But whatever.   And when I say “we”,  I mean “me”.  Might be this year.  It depends.   I need my play time..

Probably going to go with a nice big shower,  and then renovate the bathroom off the “man cave” downstairs and install a tub down there.  Maybe something with jets?  

I mean,  we’re not big “hot tub” fans,  but on the rare occasion that T.C. and I have ventured into a hot tub,  I've been more than OK with the whole thing. 

Possible tired muscles after a round of golf?  Get yourself into the hot tub for at least twenty minutes to a half hour,  and you’ll be fine. 
 At least it’s worked for us.  And that’s my story.

It took us a couple weeks of close observation of the maintenance of the hot tub at the condo in Maui before we decided that yes,  they do indeed keep the thing clean (no bits of skin for me thanks) and maybe we’d try it out.  

We’re just a bit ‘funny’ that way.

Here’s hoping the snow melts soon.   The boats go in the water April 30,  and there was already a note today from the skipper asking for who wants to sail on what days.  I haven’t quite figured it all out yet.  I’ll let him know over the next few days I imagine.  

I do tend to take the commitment of signing up for either a Tuesday or Thursday somewhat to heart,  so I’d rather not commit to a day and then find that it doesn't work for some reason or other.

If it’s a Tuesday say,  then T.C. and I can go to a cottage on the Wednesday and come home on a Saturday.  You know.  Like that.  Watching all the cottagers heading north as we’re on our way home.  Always gratifying.

Kind of like not shopping on the weekends,  when all the working folk NEED to get to the stores.   I'm about ready to spit any time I see a retired person dare set foot into a store on a Saturday.  EVERY DAY is Saturday!   What’s yer freakin’ problem?

That’s a whole rant coming on right there,  so we won’t be doing that.

Thanks for stopping by.  And keep yer stick on the ice.


  1. Frozen worms?

    The pros make that caulking thing look so easy...apply and then smooth it out with their thumb in one long movement. I can't do it either.

  2. Caulking I can do not a problem.
    Snow and cold now that is another issue.
    Keep the sun shining and snow melting.

  3. We have seen Robins 3 weeks ago but what are they doing now as we are in a deep freeze?


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