Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Not up to much.

Well, that might be not quite accurate.  There was a wedding, a road trip and then back to just doing “stuff”.



That picture doesn’t make a whole heap of sense,  but I’m actually in the process there of milling some quarter round out of some cedar piece that I couldn’t bear to throw out. 

Sometimes that works. 

Sometimes there’s firewood.

This is for the window I installed last year at my sister-in-law’s place.  She’s presently visiting in Slovenia,  and it’s finally cool enough out that I can actually do a little work without sweating buckets.

Unfortunately,  there was a wee gap on the inside after the window went in,  and I needed to make up some trim.  I guess I could have tried to simply buy something,  but you can’t get cedar quarter round.  Pine or oak, yes.  Cedar?  No.


The road trip was up to Ottawa and back. 

My sister has moved out of our basement.  She’s been hanging out with us since we got back from our cross country trip back in May.  Her son now lives there,  and it’s basically her old stomping grounds.


That’s her son Blaine on the left.  That’s Alice.  She’s a granny.  Hard to believe.

Blaine,  who lives about ten minutes away,  came by on Saturday night to help with the “move”.  I put move in quotation marks,  since there was only the items we were able to fit into our two cars.

So not a lot, actually.


That,  and she had had a few things shipped to Ottawa previously. 

Anyway,  I’D guess that it took us no longer than about an hour to cart everything in.  Not sure if she has a bed just yet.  She may be still hanging out at Blaine’s.

The only unfortunate part of the road trip was the bloody traffic!  I was reminded why we never ever go anywhere on a long weekend!  Holy Crap!   The traffic was bad all the way out past Port Hope.  And then not much better on the way back.  Thankfully we took the toll road coming back,  and that made for smooth sailing.  Nobody really wants to pay the price of going on that highway.  Those who do, like to drive a little fast,  so there’s no issues making time.

We went on to hang out with T.C.’s brother Saturday night.  It’s been a while since I’ve been there to visit, and he’s done a lot of work on their cute little house.



I think the last time we were there was in the motorhome. 


It’s basically a three acre wood lot.  Not even enough sunlight to grow a garden,  which is just the way he likes it.


He was ‘batching’ it that weekend,  as his wife was off to visit relations in Kingston. I suspect he was quite enjoying his solitude.  Until we showed up. 

Not unannounced,  mind you.  We wouldn’t do that.

And as these things go,  T.C. was quite struck with all the new doors he had installed.  (Along with the flooring,  new kitchen and on and on.)


So I suspect there will be some new doors in our future.  If we can find something similar locally.   These were from a company called Milette.  They’re out of Quebec.  Not sure if they have a distributor locally.

Anyhoodle,  we’ll cross that one when we come to it.

It’s always something.


Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Glad to see that you're out enjoying the nice weather even when it includes helping others.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. To Ottawa on a long weekend??? Not good, but you made it.

  3. I love his house in the woods. Even though I'm not a tree lover that place is wonderful.

  4. Nice repurposing of that left over cedar. You need to change the name of your blog to "The Frugal Caretaker Chronicles". :cD

  5. We have 2 beautiful Milette pocket doors in our new home and love them. Can you believe that Home Depot carries them?


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