Friday, August 7, 2015

Just a fabulous week.

And I’m not being in the least sarcastic.

Even though the days are getting shorter *sniff* and the nights are definitely cool,  the weather this week has be simply awesome.

No humidity to speak of, and temps right around “room temperature”.  You can interpret that any way you’d like.

Of course,  it did rain like crazy just in time for Tuesday nights sail.  Which did NOT happen.

You know, bolts of lightening,  big tall metal thingy on the boat?  Not a good combination.

There were three definite fronts that moved through,  the first of which had passed by around 5:30 p.m., and the second of which we could see was going to hit right around 6:30.  Normally the Committee Boat goes out around six,  but there was nary a sign of any Committee Boat. Or any other boats for that matter.

So fine,  we all went below,  ordered pizza and broke out the libations.  Taking cold beer TO the boat and then simply taking it back home again unopened?    That’s just crazy talk!


Plus,  I was introduced to something called a “Dark and Stormy”. 



Here’s the recipe, if you’re remotely interested.

Which was appropriate,  considering just how hard it rained.  We were pretty snug,  except for one tiny leak.  Directly over me, it just so happened.

And considering just how hard it rained,  that was more or less a reasonable expectation.  I don’t think I’ve ever been on a boat that would keep out all the water, whether from below or above.

The leak was a tad annoying for the Skipper,  as he and I had removed ALL the screws for the windows,  after which he had gone around and resealed them all, in addition to going around the parameter of each window with fresh caulking.  

It used to leak a whole lot worse.

But,  the leak was dutifully reported, and he says he’ll deal with it.  Best of luck, I say.

Anyway,  since I’m in the mood for posting pics of things that aren’t necessarily good for you,  I thought I’d put up the pic of the deep fried Mars Bar that the four of us shared the other night.   Not on the boat.  This was at a place in Oakville called,  The Gingerman.  

T.C. and I met up with Daughter Number Two and Hubby for dinner. 

Dinner was really great, and we don’t normally eat dessert,  but figured we’d splurge.

Trust me,  a deep fried Mars Bar needs to be shared four ways.  There’s no way I could have eating such a thing by myself.  Holy Moly!

And I’ve been known to wolf down copious amounts of things like Danishes and Sticky Buns, but not so much these days.  I must be getting old or something.

Or a little more sensible.  But that’s a stretch.


Of course,  silly me,  I didn’t get a picture until after it was cut up. 

Oh well.  I think you get the idea.

It was really good.  But my Gawd,  talk about rich!



We chose to dine with Daughter Number Two and Hubby.

Had a good time.  The food at this place is really great,  and these two are in there often enough that they know all the staff,  the owners,  and at least half of the patrons it seems.

It so happens that Daughter Number One is away at a cottage this week,  which of course means that our morning “garden duties” now consist of three different locations.  The Ponderosa here being one of them. 

Everyone is coming home this weekend,   so I’m looking forward to handing over the hose and the sprinkler,  let’s just say?

Mind you,  the tomatoes are looking mighty fine,  and the beans that we’ve been picking have been awesome.  Can’t complain.  Well,  not too much anyway.

But,  I’d just as soon not have to haul my lazy arse up the street every morning to try and drown 50 or a hunnert Japanese beetles,  and water a bunch of stuff. 

The novelty does wear off. 

At least I *think* I’m getting ahead of the beetles,  but that’s probably just wishful thinking.


Tomorrow it’s back to the Nephew’s place to finish off that kitchen.  They got the replacements to the broken cabinets the other day,  and I’ve been updated by way of text of the need to get things wrapped up in order to order the counter top.   Thankfully that’s where I step back from the precipice. 

I’ve installed “post form” countertops,  but it’s been a while.  I’ll just leave that one to the pros,  thank-you very much.


That’s it,  I’m out.


Thanks for stopping by and all that.


  1. Rum and ginger beer? Sounds refreshing to me!

  2. You couldn't race because of lightening and that tall metal thingy, but you could go below with pizza and beer. Seems to me there was still lightening and that tall metal thingy.

    OK, pizza and beer on a boat...I get it.

  3. Now thats fun, boat, pizza , beer, dark and stormy and no lightning strikes is a good thing.

  4. I like Reed's Ginger Beer but don't think it's available here (nor any other kind of ginger beer for that matter)... but that rum drink looks pretty darn good. Not while on a boat though... motion sickness especially while imbibing is the pits!

  5. Sarcastic? You? Perish the thought! ;c)

  6. Boating in a thunder storm is NEVER a good idea. You would always be the highest point on the surface. Funny how that works, right?


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