Monday, August 10, 2015

You can never have too many nipples.

And I’m not referring to the dog that Daughter Number Two felt sorry for when we lived in Puerto Rico.  There were a lot of dogs running around,  and there was one who had many,  many large “protuberances”.

Poor “Nipples”.  I wonder how she’s doing.  Probably passed on by now.  She’d be over a hundred in doggy years I’m thinking.

But where was I?


Actually,  I’ve come up short in the nipple department.  And I have no desire to run back to Home Despot tonight.  It’s just not that important.

See,  I’ve been mucking about with my “air system” in the shop.  Er, garage.  Depending on whom you ask.  If you ask T.C.,   it’s a garage.  According to me,  it’s my shop.  My sanctum sanctorum.  The place where time evaporates like nobody’s business. 

No, really.  The “time” part I mean.

Hey, there’s a beer fridge. Coffee maker,  sink with hot and cold running water.  And in the wintertime,  it’s heated.  Oh ya, baby!

I seriously considered installing a urinal back in the early days,  but couldn’t quite work out the logistics.  Just needed a little bit more room.

That would have been awesome.  I’d never have to come back in!  Well, except for you know,  “the big one”.

We’re seriously slipping down a hole here. 

Pardon the pun.  Or,  terrible metaphor.  Whatever.



Today I received the two additional regulators that I ordered from Amazon.   I wanted to hook up at least one of them to make sure it would hold air.  Kind of important.

See,  they’re all made in China,  and these were just about half the cost of the ones offered at Home Despot.



Actually,  I stand corrected,  this one that I found on the HD website is made in Taiwan.   

Tomato, Tomahto.

Not sure what “Porter Cable” has to do with it.  Just a name.


I’m guessing the Sears models that I initially installed some twenty years ago were made offshore,  even though it clearly states “Made in USA” on the pressure gauge.



I have my doubts.  Maybe the paper on the label was made in the USA? 


Anyway,  as they are just about all the same,  I figured I could order two,  have them shipped directly to my front door for free,  and basically pay less than what I would at HD. 

Again, note:

air reg


But here’s the thing.

Wherever they come from (Whence they come?),  they still need to be put together.  And that’s where the nipples come in.


*That* is a nipple.  And oh look,  they even sell black pipe fittings on Amazon!



amazon page

That’s kinda nuts.  I think I’d just as soon go and pick out my own nipples from the bin,  thank you very much.

Besides,  I need the teeny weeny nipples. 

Don’t even go there.


I guess I could have titled this “Much ado about nothing”,  but that one was taken.

I’ll see how it goes tomorrow.


Oh,  and I forgot to mention.  I think I need a big ole sign in the garden to remind me just how I should not be mumbling under my breath every time I have to water or weed.  Who me?  Complain?


Case in point:


Toasted tomato sandwiches.  Fresh from the garden.

“Vine ripened”.  And all that.

I don’t quite end up with canker sores in my mouth during tomato season,  but I’d do it.  I don’t care.  They’re that good. 


Keep your hoe in your row.


Thanks for looking.


  1. Nothing like fresh from the garden tomatoes, oh yeah !
    Have fun nipple shopping.

  2. Back in the late 70s when there was a big push to by made in the U.S.A. Japan at the urging of big business looking for high profits actually named an industrial city USA. Want to guess where your original regulator came from.
    Nothing beats the fresh from the garden vegetables.
    Be safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. My 'washroom' addition to my shed/workshop was a large Coke bottle (bottom cut off) screwed upside down to the wall with a hose going out the wall to a small rock filled pit outside. Worked like a charm and I no longer gave the women in the next door condo a thrill when I had to 'go'.

  4. Hot and cold running water! How can a mere nipple compete? :cD


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