Wednesday, July 29, 2015

“Man, that sun is just evil”.

Which was one of many thoughts I had just now having come in from out of doors.

It’s not a complaint.  Just an observation.

After our somewhat lack-lustre month of June,  a little heat is not a big deal.  Although, I am definitely thankful for air conditioning.  It did feel a little dry in the house this morning, but it was all good.

T.C. and I were out in the garden this morning at 7:30.  Could have been even earlier,  ‘cept I don’t have that big a desire to beat the heat.  Or haul my lazy arse out of bed.

The bugs that are chewing away at sister-in-law’s grape vines are considerably more dopey first thing in the morning.  All the better to knock them off into a bucket of soapy water.   I’d wager I’ve drowned several hundred over the last few days.  Bastards.


They’re some sort of “Japanese Beetle”.  And they seem to be quite prolific.  However,  they tend to do some sort of “free fall” before taking flight,  and that can be their weakness.  I make sure they free fall into the bucket.  They swim a little while,  but that’s about it.  Something to do with a few drops of Dawn dish soap that you add to the water.  Takes care of them,  and totally non-toxic.

It’s been a busy few days.  Went out on the water last night.  It was an awesome night.  The thing is,  about a kilometer off shore,  the temperature drops by a good 10 degrees.  We didn’t have enough crew to safely go racing,  so we just went for a sail of a few hours.  Worked for me.


The sunsets from offshore are most always pretty darned nice.

My Nephew and their crew have been away at a cottage for the past week,  so there hasn’t been any updates on the kitchen installation. 

Just as well,  since the knobs who supplied the broken cabinets will need to get their act together.  Not sure what the latest is on that situation.  Got a text this morning from the lady of the house asking about flooring.  There will be some head scratching shortly I’d imagine.  We’ll see to it.

Had a great day on Monday out on the golf course,  although it was a wee bit of a scorcher.  Had a bottle of water in my bag, and then we stopped at the club house before going out for the back nine to suck back some liquids. 


Managed to hand the camera off to one of the golfing buddies to snap a pic of yours truly.  I didn’t completely suck,  although I really need to work on my short game.   Mind you,  I only seem to golf about once a year.

When I teed off from the first tee,  that was the very first ball I’ve hit so far this year.  (and it stayed on the fairway!)

Hopefully not my last.  It was suggested to me that,  rather than spend my time on the water,  I should have been spending my time on the links.  Not sure I’d ever do much better than breaking a 100 though.

I think that’s about it.  There were a couple visits with nieces, but I’ll not bore you.  It’s totally worth the effort to try and connect/reconnect with the relations.   Facebook has helped considerably on that front.  Otherwise I’m not sure how I’d track anyone down?   I mean, once upon a time the library at McMaster University had phone books from just about everywhere,  so I guess that was the “Old School” way.  But that too was before mobile phones.    I still have letters from folks with whom I used to correspond.  

Yes,  actual letters.  Probably should turf them out,  but can’t bear to do it.  Remember writing letters?


I’m starting to ramble.


I’m out.


Thanks for stopping by.


  1. What... no woodworking projects to show us? You slacker you... hanging out on the golf course enduring the sun and fresh air.

  2. Boating, golfing, cottages, heat, sunshine gotta love summer !
    Bring on the heat.

  3. I still write letters......well, long notes in cards.


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