Monday, July 20, 2015

Some shopping fun.

And I don’t mean groceries.  That ain’t fun.  Not clothes shopping either, although T.C. seems to take a run at “Walking on a Cloud” from time to time.  Those pesky shoes keep wearing out.  Apparently.

No,  I decided a while ago that I had had enough of the noisy little compressor that I’ve used as a portable back-up for over a decade (or more, maybe).  It was so bad,  you couldn’t bear to be in the same room when it fired up.  Maybe some of you could.  I don’t know.  But it didn’t work for me.

You know the kind,  they’re go on sale for about sixty bucks.  Regular ninety-nine. 

Kind of, meh, cheap.

Effective.  Worked great.  But crazy loud.





So I sold it.  Back in February.  I think.  It was a while ago.  I do remember it was on Kijiji for a while.  Stuck to my guns,  got my price.  Took about six weeks.  I didn’t care.

Of course,  the thing with Kijiji is,  (kind of like Craigslist) the longer the listing stays on there,  the farther back it gets from the “front page”.  So I did relist it at one point.

They’ll kindly offer to keep it on the front page for anywhere from $5.99 to $16.99.  That’s not happening.

Anyway,  here we are some six months later,  and I finally pulled the trigger on a new one.

It’s super duper quiet too.  Just what I was looking for.



It’s a bit of a step up, especially since there are two hook-ups, not that I’d be using more than one line at a time.  Has aluminum tanks. 

Kinda spiffy.

I’ll try it out tomorrow.

And here’s the reason.



This is more or less the state of affairs these days at my nephew’s place.  I’ve been going over there every day for a few hours for a few days now. 

Note the window up to the left, above.





And I suppose I should mention that there has been some painting along the way.  But like I said,  I only worked a few hours.  My Nephew kept on until ten at night last Thursday putting a second coat of primer on everything.

The compressor has nothing to do with the kitchen cabinets of course,  but in order to better insulate one of the outside walls,  more insulation was required,  along with having to build out the wall.  So I’ve been asked to mill some filler strips for around the windows. You saw the window, right?

I have lots of bits if lumber hanging around,  so that’s not a challenge.


Unfortunately,  I’m not sure how far along we’ll get with the kitchen installation, since at least three of these cabinets arrived damaged to some extent.

I’ve been able to sort out one of the least damaged ones,  but it looks as though the other two were dropped.



This one could be fixed,  thus:



Not so sure about these two though.



I mean,  they’re kind of weak-assed to start with,  but they’d be fine if they weren’t abused along the way.  They also had an awful lot of what I would call “warehouse dust” on them as well.  So I’m not sure about that whole “four to six weeks” for delivery crapola.  Sounds like a load of fresh air to me.

The lady of the house was left with the task of making the calls.  She will sort them out.  Remains to be seen if Rona will be getting some nasty words “on the line” from all parties concerned.

These days we just take pictures of everything.


Too bad too,  since Rona is Canadian.  You know, like Canadian Tire.  Unfortunately,  I’ve given up on going there,  since they never seem to have what they advertise in their flyers.  You’ll never get me with any version of “bait and switch”, so I just won’t bother going. The flyer immediately goes in the recycling.


And that’s what’s been happening for the last few days.  Stay tuned.  Or not.


Sticks.  Ice. 

You know.


  1. I'm hearing you. Buy Canadian but when they don't deliver you do what you have. Get er done!
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. Nice new compressor, too bad about those cabinets.

  3. Shopping fun for you but not so much for your nephew.

  4. When I saw your header I kind of figured that you'd be shopping tools or machines. That's the only kind of shopping with fun involved.

  5. Maybe Bob should consider a vacation in southern AZ this next winter--we are removing a wall and installing a huge window in the house we purchased. And I know what you mean about noisy compressors, the one I use in the quilt studio is horrible!


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