Monday, July 13, 2015

And here it is, Monday again.

It’s been a bit of a busy week,  I guess I could say.  T.C. is at the moment off to Grand Bend for a “Lady’s away”.  Can’t call it a “weekend”,  as none of the participants are working.  Why go on a weekend?  Every day is Saturday.

Anyhoo,  it’s just me here.  My sister is gone for the day for a bike ride.  Well,  sitting on the back of a Harley.  She won’t be back until late.

The first newsworthy thing is,  Eldest Brother came through his surgery just fine on Wednesday.  We went up to see him which of course, he didn’t remember.  If you’re not quite prepared for all the ways and means that a patient is hooked up,  it could be a bit disconcerting.  They did a quadruple by-pass.  In three hours!   They had said “four to six”,  which seemed reasonable.  St. Mary’s in Kitchener is known as a heart and stroke hospital.  I’m thinking they have it down pat.


We took a little ride up to Kitchener again yesterday to see him.  Huge difference.  In a room,  no longer in ICU, or CCU (chronic care unit?). He was sitting up when we saw him.  They give every heart patient a pillow to hold across ones chest in the event that you might have to cough.  There was coughing.  He’s hoping to be out tomorrow.   We’ll see.

Problem is of course,  he’ll need some help at home,  since his wife is not capable of dealing with any issues he might encounter.  It’s been his deal to look after her for the last twenty years or so. 

She has Scleroderma, which is basically a death sentence,  but she’s hanging in.   That’s a whole other story.


I did get out on the water on Sunday and Monday.


I only committed to two days of this week long sailing event put on by GHYRA.   The best we did was third,  and that was on the Tuesday I see.  I wasn’t on the boat.  All the better for them.

Anyway,  I put up that photo above,  since the first race on Sunday was “around the cans” in Hamilton Harbour,  and there was no way of knowing what the course was until it was posted on the transom of the committee boat.



Even then the wind was as dead as a fart, so they had to change it.  Which meant everyone had to file past the transom of the committee boat again.

The “SI’s” or Sailing Instructions for the week,  was like a small novel. 



There was also something to do with the judging of mermaids. 



I got nothing.


So, nothing much else too exciting.  I found the logistics of the race week a bit of a chore,  so that was the reason for only a couple days.  Plus,  no matter how much sunscreen I slather on,  after a couple days on the water I start looking too much like Lobster Boy. 


Evening sailing works better for me.  We’re back to our regular Tues and Thursday nights from here on in.  I’ll only be doing Tuesdays methinks,  as we’re hoping to free ourselves up for a couple visits here and there.  I only committed to Tuesdays,  but had been going out both nights to get schooled on the new boat.


That’s it.


Thanks for stopping by.


Try to keep cool.  (it’s a tad warm here today)


  1. In this day and age I would think they could post the course on the net, or twitter or something.

  2. Good news on your brother. CCU 'coronary care unit '.

  3. A large portion of my career was spent helping in the operating room with coronary artery bypasses. The surgeon I initially trained with was so quick, he could do a quadruple in 3 hours and he was good, we brought very few of his patients back to the OR. We have a good friend who has scleroderma--she has the best attitude in spite of the nasty disease!

  4. St.Marys is great for heart care, my MIL had a triple done there a few years ago, quick and easy.


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