Sunday, May 10, 2015

No hope of catching up.

Once upon a time,  I had this idea that I’d have my base cabinets somewhat done by next weekend,  but now I’m missing about six days,  or was it five?  Don’t know.  It’s mostly a blur.

I threw some pictures up on Facebook,  if you’re remotely interested.  I’d say 90% of them were taken from the car window.  This is where a camera that will quickly focus comes in really handy.  With the exception of at first mistaking the shutter release with the “on/off” button I’m really liking the G16. 

It’s not as easy to one hand it like an SLR,  and it’s just that much bigger than a small compact camera.  But I’m getting there.

Click on the link if you have like,  twenty minutes.

From the Book of Face.



I’ve returned to what now seems to be summer.  Not sure where the heck spring went to. 

Of course, the temperature is up and down like a toilet seat,  but it’s going to be warm and somewhat muggy here today.

Still haven’t broken a sweat this morning, but I did changing out the winter tires on the Merc yesterday.  And,  I discovered that,  although the winter skins are 45 series both front and back (meaning I can rotate front to back in the fall if I choose) the summer tires are not.  They’re two different profiles front to back.  45s on the front,  and 40s in the back.  So I won’t be able to rotate them front to back,  because I already tried and trust me,  that didn’t work.

Not going there.

Wanted to wash them before putting them away,  so that’s why they’re sitting out there on the (mostly) grass.

Anyhoodle,  I’d best get back out there.  Bought a new clothes line yesterday since the one I put up some twenty years ago wasn’t really instilling me with a lot of confidence.  If you’ve ever had a clothes line come apart and come crashing down,  you’ll know what I mean.

Such fun.


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  1. Catch up? Are you kidding me?!? There's no hope and the "good" weather is just starting. Hey, if you get the clothes line up then you'll just have to do laundry... there is no end!

  2. Always something to do, but you did get a roadtrip in.


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