Monday, May 11, 2015

Bake to Hork.

Inside joke.  I’ll explain if you want. Sound it out.



What I mean is,  I spent most of the day hackin’ and hewin’.

Like, back to work?

Some of the cedar that I’m using turns out to be “old growth”, or at least that’s the way it behaves.  Very aromatic.

Very. Aromatic.

Almost overwhelming.  It’s stuff that I’ve had hanging around for the better part of a couple decades,  and originally was torn out of our “head office” when I was in the working world.  It’s being put to good use.


The clothesline went up without too much effort.   Of course,  that means balancing precariously up against the pole. Never overly thrilled.

I suppose it could be a two-man job,  but I always seem to be able to do these things by myself.  Just takes a bit of planning,  and maybe a couple clamps to hold the line from getting away.



I was going to post the pic of the finished installation,  but I took a look at that photo and realised just how messy our “back alley” is.  Gah!.

So we’ll just give that one a pass.


Not too messy for these guys.


I suspect the coyotes will take care of them in due time.  I mean,  they’re cute and all, but when they completely wipe out an entire garden, one’s viewpoint does tend to change, shall we say?

Had a little visit yesterday with Daughter Number One for Mother’s Day.


Then today Daughter Number Two came by with Hubby.

I took photos, but there weren’t any that were overly flattering.  I ain’t no fool.


Supposed to be sailing tomorrow night and,  if it’s anything like right about now,  we’ll be bundled up,  that’s for sure. The fog has just rolled in,  and the temperature seems to be dropping like a stone.


I guess that’s all I have for tonight.  It’s this or nothing.

Nothing might be slightly better.


Thanks for stopping by.

Sticks.  Ice.  You know.




  1. Doesn't that cedar smell repel bugs?

  2. Always something to keep you going.
    No more sticks, ice for now is there?
    Road hockey, lacrosse, soccer, baseball.

  3. Sure - I'd be up for the inside joke if you want to explain it...I can almost smell the cedar. Love those wood working smells...


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