Monday, May 18, 2015

How was your day off?

There are times when I say I’ll do a thing,  and then later think twice.  I try to stick to it.

I had told my nephew that I’d be by his place this morning to continue on with the work on their house.  I spent *thinks* last Friday making a couple bulkheads for the kitchen,  and then this morning I wasn’t sure what we’d do.

Turns out he called just as I had already left to say not to bother coming over,  but I showed up anyway.

He hadn’t had a chance to pick up more supplies previously, and of course most everything today was closed.  It’s Victoria Day in these here parts, which is also considered “May Two-Four”  weekend,  even though some times it doesn’t fall on the twenty fourth. 

Those who have cottages typically go off and open the cottage this weekend. 


Anyway,  we decided to hang some drywall on the living room ceiling instead.


Let me just say this about that:  It ain’t for the uninitiated,  nor the faint of heart.

Nor the weak of upper body strength.  That would be mostly me,  but I managed.

I feel a bit like I was rode hard and put up wet,  but I’ll get over it.

Took us, I don’t know, a few hours?  I find it’s best not to be too aware of the time in these situations.  After that we called it a day.  I just thought about all that money I saved on a gym membership.


Oh and, yesterday was a night out at Flamboro Downs,  but some of you might already know that.

I think I can put up a link to a bunch of pics.  I only posted one short video to the Book of Face.

Here’s the link.

I could mumble on a bit more, but let’s not get into too much tedium,  shall we?


Thanks for stopping by.




  1. Drywall a ceiling is a workout for sure.

  2. We don't get days off anymore we are retired, this is a fulltime job now 24/7/365.
    Drywall a ceiling is not a job I enjoy.

  3. Whenever Jim has a project to do I always add a couple of hours to his time estimate. I don't think he could drywall a ceiling any more though.


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