Friday, May 29, 2015

May has been a bit busy.

This is the post I went to upload this morning,  and subsequently got the "blogger not found"  thingy.

Copying and pasting however,  is a complete pain in the ass..
Just saying.

Trying to tell myself on a daily basis that I have no deadlines.  It’s mostly working.
We’re currently in “speaks” when it comes to ordering the countertop for the cabinets.  I have the last one in the shop getting it’s final bits of stain. 
 Then finish. 
Then the door.

 OK never mind. There’s a ways to go on that one.

I did take a few minutes to check out a possible second set of wheels last week.   The truck itself was in pretty good shape.  Annoyingly, although it was a “one owner” truck and not a work truck,  the previous owner hadn’t bothered to rust proof it.  No rust on it just the same except for the frame,  even though it was an 07.   That seems old,  but it’s a Toyota.   I might still follow up on it.  If it’s sold,  then so be it.  T.C.  seemed to think it was too old for what was being asked,  but the value doesn’t seem to drop like a stone like other brands.  
Not mentioning any names.

But all of that is on hold for a few days,  as “the boys” and I are heading off to Grand Bend of a “Guy’s Weekend”.  
We’ll try to not overdo it.  There are hockey finals to watch.  Beer to consume.  Good eats.  Possibly golf.  
That last one is a bit iffy.  We’ve HAD a few days of warm weather,  but now it has cooled considerably.  I didn’t manage to get out to a driving range.  It could get ugly.
We’ll see.

Monday night will be day two of “training” on the new boat.  I’m away for the Sunday gathering.  I’m sure I can catch up.  We’ll be racing with the “big boats” now.  First start sequence.  There will be no more looking to see who started on what tack and how that’s working for them.  Should be interesting.
It’s still sitting on the hard.  Goes in the water this afternoon.

That’s it for this missive.  Things to pack.  Coolers to sort.  That kind of thing.
See you on the flip side.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Enjoy your time at "the Bend" have always loved that very popular area.
    If you are into Turkey products, Hayters in Dashwood has and awesome retail store.

  2. Sounds like you have a great get-away planned. Guess you have to tear yourself away from your workshop now and then ;-)

  3. Work, play, work, play - what to do! what to do! I'm glad you chose the play option for your week-end.


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