Sunday, December 21, 2014

Winter Solstice.

I didn’t quite realise it,  until someone mentioned it on the Book of Face,  but from now on the days will start getting longer.  Hazzah!

Well, there will be more hours of daylight.  You know what I mean.  Some days are still too freakin’ short,  but then there’s always mañana.

We’ve been getting way too much cloud cover these last few days,  so when the sun does come out I do notice that it puts a positive spin on my outlook.

Of course,  it also means I can see just how dirty the front windows are,  but I’ll tolerate that minor aggravation.  I might even break down and try out a window cleaning company,  because I’ve done my darndest to try and get them squeaky clean,  with mixed results.  Or maybe I’ll try a mixture of vinegar and water, even though I’m not overly thrilled with the smell of vinegar.

Then again, I could just lower the blinds.



This is in keeping with the “bright and cheery” theme.  Received this earlier in the week for Travelling Companion from one of our good friends.  Note, anyone who is willing to put up with me,  should be considered a ‘good’ friend.  Just saying.

Anyway,  the timing was really good,  as this cute arrangement arrived just in time to replace one of the ones that had started to show its age.  That’s the down side to flowers.  They only last so long.

We seem to be getting packages delivered to the door on a daily basis.  We’ll see how we make out for the final couple things we ordered.  I have to say I wasn’t overly impressed with dealing with the Hudson’s Bay.  

thebay 1

thebay 2

They seem to like you to go in circles.  THEN we discovered that they are now owned by Saks Fifth Avenue?   Wtf?  At least that’s the name that showed up on the call display when they called to confirm an address, but that’s another story. 

After placing my order and realising I hadn’t clicked on “free express shipping”,  I figured I’d suck it up and call their 1-800 number.   Holy cr*p.   That was painful.  Got cut off a couple times,  and then was on hold for about a half hour.  More or less.  I lost track.  Nearly lost consciousness. 

Just yesterday I noticed an email from the person who helped me (yes, there was eventually a human there to help) asking me to complete a survey.   We’ll wait until the order actually arrives at the pre-determined “promised” time before we do that I’m afraid. 

There have been a couple hit and misses in the online ordering department.  Some folks have a good grasp of the concept. Others, not.

With Lee Valley for example, we placed a couple orders on Friday for pick-up,  and I was able to go first thing Saturday morning and fetch them over at the side.  Away from the hoards of people who flock to that place before Christmas.   So many of them don’t understand how easy it is to order an item on line and simply go and fetch it.  And that’s OK with me,  because there was nary a soul over at the side picking up their purchase.

Then there was Home Depot. 

Wow, what a clusterf**k.   I’m not sure how it’s supposed to work,  but my best guess is,  if your website says you have “x” number of an item at your location,  then that should be the case, yes? 

Nope.  Wasted trip.   So then I continued my search on line,  only to determine that yes,  they had 11 such items at another location.  And look,  they’ll deliver it before Christmas!  Awesome! So let’s do that then!

But then,  some poor sap called from that location to say that no,  they don’t have them.    So that was that. 

I’m a bit like a dog with a bone when it comes to this sort of thing, and I wasn’t going to settle for another brand of product,  so I tried Lowes.  

Well I’ll be darned!   I think I might be ordering from Lowes from now on,  since they not only know how to operate a computerised inventory system,  but the price was the same,  and delivery was free.    I like “free”.

I’ve only actually gone into Lowes once,  and that was to look at dishwashers.  I may have to go back more often,  or at least browse their website.   So thanks Home Depot!  By being such dorks, I now know where (else) to shop.


Other than getting ready for the big Christmas feast and such,  nothing much else has been going on.

I did notice the Union Gas Dude had pulled up the other day to take a look at the new installation.




I didn’t think I needed to go out and talk to him.  He took a look,  went back to his truck and sat there for a time,  probably filling out some sort of report.  I guess it “passed”.  I figure I paid the money to have it installed by a licensed gas fitter,  so it’s not my deal.


You’ll note the lack of snow on the ground.  There hasn’t been any for days.  It’s probably going to be a rainy Christmas to boot.  A white Christmas seems to be a rarity these days.  I can suffer the lack of snow.

Oh,  and T.C. is progressing nicely after her knee surgery.  The walker needs to go back to the Red Cross,  since she now only needs the cane.  I don’t worry about her going up and down stairs anymore (as much) either.   I mean,  she could still take a tumble,  but part of the process has to do with developing the muscle memory for getting around.  Which foot goes first and such.


I’ll try and get back here before Christmas,  but if I don’t,  here’s hoping you all have a good one.



Thanks for stopping by.




  1. Yep, that sun positively spins me as well:))

  2. Yep, I prefer Lowe's over the giant orange place where you can never find anything, or an employee to help you.

  3. Good luck with finding your stuff. No snow is good, looks like it might even have a warmer Christmas too.
    Enjoy the sunshine and longer days, I know we will.

  4. Lowe's over Home Depot any day in this household! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to both of you too!

  5. Glad to hear TC is now only using a cane. No snow yet? Wait!

  6. Re up or down the steps...angels go up to heaven and devils go down or so I was told. So glad to heat that all is well. Merry Christmas to you and yours.


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