Monday, December 8, 2014

The Gas Man cometh.

And that’s about all I got.  Really.

I think I mentioned that we’d be needing a bigger meter in order to run the stand-by generator, which meant having to fill out a form and submitting it to Union Gas.  The turn around was actually quite quick considering you know, it’s Union Gas.

I submitted the form on the 26th of November, got a message some time later that week, which I didn’t know I had until the weekend (T.C.’s surgery and all, forgot to check messages) called them up right away and booked the appointment for today.

In typical fashion when it comes to these things, it was to happen anytime between “8 and 12”.   Which of course means,  the Gas Dude could have showed up at 8:00 a.m. Right?


Naturally,  it was 11:30 when he appeared at the door.

Shoulda knowd.



That’s the old meter there on the right.



And the new one that he installed.

It’s just a wee bit bigger.

Now funny thing is,  he did a pressure test only to discover that there was a leak.  Huh?

So fine we go in,  close all the valves (gas range, boiler and hot water heater)  and he still has a leak.  Oh, by the way,  I had already switched off the boiler so it would not be calling for heat, but you probably knew that.

So he starts with the soap solution on all the bits he had installed,  and sure enough within about a minute there’s this huge bubble coming out of one of the connections.  Turns out he had a bit of a brain fart and didn’t tighten it.

Then it’s time to relight the pilot on the hot water heater and fire up the boiler.  I had in the meanwhile lit the range,  which flamed out once and then I let it burn for a while,  while he went out to the truck for his CO sniffer.

The boiler is working just fine,  since it’s only throwing 2ppm of CO.  That’s pretty good.  Seems to me anything under about 75ppm is acceptable,  but don’t quote me.  That’s “parts per million” there kids.

Right along with that,  he has to do an “inspection”,  which these days is something that is supposed to be carried out once a year.  My understanding had always been that anything under 15 pounds of pressure didn’t need an annual inspection,  but I had to get one last year,  and that dude charged me $250!   This one was free.  I like free.

I’m inclined to check with our very fancy TSSA to get an opinion on this situation,  since I haven’t yet been able to narrow down what the recent legislation requires. 

And don’t get me started about the TSSA.   Can you say “cash grab”?

Let’s not go there.

I’m rolling my eyes,  in case you hadn’t noticed.

Now I just have to hear back from my other gas installer dude.  I called him earlier today and left a message.  He’s a busy guy.

We’ll get that generator running before the next ice storm.  I’m sure of it.


Keep yer stick on the ice.


Thanks for stopping by.






  1. Hmm... at least you got it all tested and found in working order.

  2. Thats looking good you soon be self sufficient, maybe solar panels next? Then some wheels and away ya go!


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