Sunday, December 7, 2014

It wasn’t the phones.

I think I’ll need to have some “speaks” with the cable company come tomorrow.  I like to put the bite on them from time to time for a rate reduction if our service isn’t up to snuff.

It’s a bit of a pain in the hind end,  which is mostly why any outages tend to get left by the wayside.

Not this time.

We’re still having calls being dropped,  and this morning the internet was wonky.   Last Sunday,  both internet and phone were out.  The TV signal was fine.  It’s not much to speak of in the first place,  so it’s not like it’s some high def,  dreamy “my Gawd I’m in TV nirvana” kind of thing.  So even if there is good TV, it ain’t much.

Meanwhile of course, I’ve dropped a hunnert bucks on a new phone system,  which I’m not overly upset about,  since there are some new features that are pretty nifty. 

I went with the same brand, Panasonic,  with the hope that maybe this set will be as durable as the last.   I think the main attribute is that the keypad and display are easier to read without my glasses on.  Sometimes there’s just not a pair of specs close at hand,  and most of the time I like to know who is calling.  Oh,  AND there are a bunch of ways to block unwanted calls.  The list goes on.  Click the link above if you’re remotely curious.  The one feature that I think is the most nifty is,  if you put numbers into the “phone book”,  then it’s in all the phones.  They talk to each other. 

I guess I’m a bit of a Luddite,  ‘cause I think that’s pretty cool.


I’ve almost finished in the garden.  Well, the part that I was obsessed with over the last two days anyway.

It’s been neglected, mostly due to the work that was being done on the house.  Unfortunately, the neglect goes way back,  since there wasn’t too much being done when we were overseas either. 

It’s not even that it was that warm out or anything, since I started to lose feeling in the tips of my fingers.  The rest of me was warm enough,  but by the time I got the feeling back,  I was starting to get tired of digging.

This is what I extracted from the tangled mess of lilies.


Something to plant in the spring. 

There only remains a patch about the size of the lid that goes on that metal can,  but I had had enough after about an hour of trying to separate the bulbs from the crab grass.  And from each other.  Perennials are awesome,  except for when they become overgrown.

And I don’t even really like gardening.


The gas company is coming in the morning to install a bigger meter.  Seems the new stand-by generator is a bit of a BTU hog.  Eeep.  

Well,  if the power goes out,  we’ll likely be the only ones on the street using gas,  so I doubt that we’ll starve the line.


We’ll see how it goes.

Thanks for looking in.


  1. B d ca le is really a ng, a east it oes not ef t em l!

  2. We've had terrible luck with phones ... I should amend that to Bill has bad luck with phones ... I hate to use them. Right now he has a flip-type phone ... some kind of AT&T thing with a bunch of letters or numbers for a name... Seems to suit him for now, but our phone needs are pretty simple. Hope you and the new phone remain compatible ;-)

  3. That genny is worth every BTU it sucks up when the power goes out in the dead of winter! Smart move to have it installed. :c)


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