Monday, December 15, 2014

It’s Monday, right?

Sometimes I sort of forget.  That’s either really awesome, such as when my eldest brother, who has been retired for something like 30 years once said, “Every day is Saturday”.

Or maybe kinda sad?

I’m thinking mostly sad. And that’s because there are moments when I draw a complete blank on what day it is.  Eventually I snap out of it,  and figure it out,  but I suppose that, with the exception of trying to stay out of the stores on the weekends,  most every day is the same. 

And speaking of which, what’s with the Seniors hanging around the stores on a Saturday?  I swear to Gawd!  Lookin’ for the good stuff?  I just don’t get it.  You’ve got all week people!   There are working folk who only have the weekends.  Stay the hell home!

The best time to shop ever in my life was after midnight,  when I was on afternoons and there was a grocery store here in town that was open 24 hours.  With the exception of the boys stocking the shelves,  and possibly playing their music a little too loud,  the place was gloriously empty.  I would actually take a buggy,  and leisurely float from isle to isle.

The joint down the street here is right across from various “old age” establishments,  and if you’re there any later than 11:00 in the morning,  they’re out in full force.  Even on a Monday. 

And forget Saturdays, jaysus.

I take a basket,  and make a bee-line for what I need,  and get the hell out.


I’m still Christmas shopping.  Mostly done.  I think.  A lot of it has happened on line. Definitely my kinda shopping.  Or I order something and pick it up off to the side.  One of my favourite stores has multiple ways of ordering stuff,  and there’s never a line-up at their pick-up area.

I think eventually most all Christmas shopping will be done on line.  Well, that would be my ideal means of doing it.  I’m sure there are those who still wander the mall looking for just the right “thing”.  To me that’s the worst kind of torture.



You may have to click on that to see the price.  This was one of those moments when I actually took a second look.  I think my jaw dropped ever so slightly as well.

We haven’t seen gas prices like that for a long while.  Certainly well before we did the European visit.  And we left here in ‘08.   I think it was already over a buck at that point already.

Too hard to figure out what that is in gallons and then do the conversion to US dollars.  Figure it out and let me know.  It’s always cheaper in the States anyway,  so what difference does it make? 


I guess I really didn’t have a point in being here,  except to beak off about people being in stores when they hadn’t ought to be,  and the price of gas.

Oh well,  if you’re a stock pickin’ kinda person at all,  let’s just say there are some dealskis out there?  Everyone is dumping oil stocks like crazy.  Time to buy!  Psst, go for the ones paying dividends!


That’s all I got.


Keep it between the ditches….and…


Thanks for stopping by.





  1. I can shop any day usually week days before 8 am no problem, Christmas shoppin we do that in the summer if we need, not much though anymore.
    Gas here is about .64 cents a litre, great for filling our motorhome, Oh yeah cheap beer too as you well know.

  2. I try not to shop on weekends. I never play golf on the weekend, people who work all week don't need to wait for me to tee off.

  3. .996x3.78=3.76 cnd 3.35 usd I bought gas in new mexico today for $2.19 usd per gallon..

  4. I saw those prices in Edmonton 2 months ago, must be really low now.


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