Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Transition? What transition?

OK so, maybe there is just a little chaos in our lives at the present time, hence very sparse efforts on the blogging front.

I mean,  I could go around and take pictures of half opened boxes, or self portraits of me with a bewildered look on my face.  We’ll get there.  Eventually.

Well fine,  here’s one or two.


I mean,  I take these stupid pictures,  I may as well post them.  Happy to oblige.

Actually,  (and I’m not taking another picture) it’s not quite as bad at this very moment, but that’s beside the point.


Mustn’t forget the helpers of course.  You may roll your eyes.



Our well travelled chair arrived unscathed.  I know it’s not very pretty,  but it’ll most like go into T.C.’s sewing room at some point. 



It’s your basic fifties, set of four chairs and kitchen table type of thing.  One of two remaining. This one has been not so very professionally recovered, as you may have notices. The table and other two chairs lived their lives a long time ago. 

I think I mentioned at some point in time that this chair has been to Horseheads, N.Y.,  then on to Puerto Rico,  back home again and then over to Europe.  It’s kind of like taking along a mascot.

Speaking of Puerto Rico….I’m sure it’s a heck of a sight warmer there right now.  Travelling Companion mentioned this morning that the last time we moved home from an Ex-Pat deal, (from Puerto Rico, hello)  it was unseasonably cold.  This was in April of 2003,  when our limo driver (whom we had used on several occasions) was not even going to attempt to get up our driveway,  since it was covered in about six inches of snow,  on top of which was a nice crispy layer of ice.  Sure was fun trying to shovel that the next day.   It was April sixth,  and lucky for us we came in by way of Buffalo, since Toronto International was closed,  as they ran out of glycol.   The “snow plow” and “airplane de-icing” season was supposedly over.  Not.

But let’s not dwell on the weather.  These things happen.  The story goes that last year at this time,  it was wonderfully warm.  We weren’t here.  I’m dwelling.  Sorry.


Oh oh!  Almost forgot.  I finally have a driver’s license!  Well,  the temporary one until the little card with my mug shot comes in the mail in a few weeks.   Travelling Companion has had hers for a few weeks now.  She didn’t need the whole translation thing.  She had a Dutch license.  Silly me,  I waiting until we got to Austria.

The thing is,  the Translation Dude who was on the list,  while only a few blocks away (the next nearest person was in Kitchener!) had not done this particular little thing before.  Sooooo,  it turns out he needed a stamp from the “Translator’s Association”.   Or something like that.  He had offered to notarise a translated copy that I could have prepared,  but my suspicion was that the bureaucrats would turn up their noses at such a thing,  so we had to wait for his stamp to arrive.   Not sure how much this stamp cost him, but he only charged me twenty-five bucks for the the work. 

Seemed reasonable. 


It also had to be stamped on the overturned corner of the two pages.  OK whatever.

Anyhoodle,  I took that along with my Austrian license and passport back to the Driver Testing place on Monday morning.  Hardly anyone waiting,  so that was a plus.  Filled out the form, (it’s only four questions)  did the eye test,  (you know,  which side is the blinking light,  and reading increasingly smaller numbers), got my mug shot,  coughed up another seventy-five bucks,  and got yet another little piece of paper. 

Yay.  Good for five years.  It’s the best I can expect.

I think that’s about it for today kids.   My “big job” for today is to cook up some chicken broth,  since we’re out.

I started that already by ten,  so it’ll simmer all day.

Grippingly exciting stuff,  I know.



OK,  I’m off to skim off the crud that comes to the top.

Thanks for stopping by.




  1. Looks like things are moving right along, keep up the good work.
    See what you can do about warming southern Ontario up before our arrival in three weeks, please!

  2. I figured it might be awhile for you to surface after seeing all those boxes and boxes and boxes and boxes and more boxes to unpack. But progress is being made and that's a good thing. I hate that eye test thing. Always afraid I'm going to flunk it.

  3. Well, I know I have one...... Somewhere in all these boxes.... Perhaps it would have been easier to donate all of it in Austria... But that would have gotten that keepsake chair home now would it...

  4. Mmmh, home made chicken broth. Nothing can beat it!
    I liked to open all my boxes after we moved and was several times astonished because I found things I thought I had lost. There is a saying for if you have lost something and cannot find it: move - and you will.

  5. Your life is so exciting I'm on the edge of my chair following along!

    Don't know how you can stand it... ;c)

  6. Glad to hear you have the broth on; I should be so energetic. Sounds good though. Don't slip on the ice.


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