Thursday, March 21, 2013

I found the hooch!

Not that you care.  But I figured I’d share our “cunning plan”.  (there’s a BlackAdder reference in there)

Although we were quite *willing* (well,  take that with a grain of salt) to admit to the bureaucrats that we were importing several bottles of wine,  there was some reluctance on our part to own up to much else.  There’s this particular medicinal libation that is prepared by the cousin in Sava, that we simply couldn’t leave behind, or even admit to owning for that matter.  Something to do with blueberries and straight alcohol.   Stick ‘em together and you get these stewed blueberries.

Quite good I’m told.  I do seem to recall sipping on a wee bit,  but I’m not much of a one for hard spirits.  I seem to recall my eyes watering just ever so slightly….

I discovered earlier on that the Slovenians like to share their various types of medicinal libations with you.   “Oh, this one is good for digestion!”   All I say is,  “Um, OK.”  and drink.  Would be rude not to.  Thankfully these medicinal libations come in tiny glasses,  or I would have been in trouble.


So here was my cunning plan. 


See,  nobody’s going to pop open some innocuous looking thermos inside some cooler, right?  That’s pretty much the extent of my willingness to smuggle though.  Well, OK, I’ve been known to throw away a pair of running shoes and wear the new ones home across the US/Canada border (don’t tell!!)  but beyond that,  I don’t need to be getting tracked any more than the current situation allows.   And believe me,  we’re all getting tracked,  but let’s not go there.


Other than that,  I’m empty.  There was some more back and forth with the bank today,  and I’ll mebbe update on that later.  It wasn’t bad stuff.  I just wanted to point that out.


Keep those sticks on the ice.


Thanks for lookin’.




  1. Nothing like diming yourself out on the Internet. Big Brother (or is it Sister?) might be reading... ;c)

  2. We know we are being tracked, because we have been question about a few crossing we even forgot about!
    But all is good we are safe.

  3. If its just blueberries and grain alcohol, hell you could have made it right there in the kitchen.... How would they know.... Has it warmed up any? we don't have any ice to keep our sticks on since it was in the 80s again today..

  4. We bought some sherry... or at least that's what we think it is... they "decanted" it (right) into a clean (we hope) plastic bottle and we've been sipping on it each night ... shot glass size drinks as a little goes a long way. Maybe I should take what's left back to the States and label the bottle "cough syrup"... or maybe "paint thinner".


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