Saturday, March 30, 2013

Legs a bit wobbly.

I have to confess that I haven’t actually been on any form of two wheeled device in a couple years,  a fact of which I was reminded this morning after heading off to the store for a container of milk. 

I’m sure the sight of a Dutch bike parked in front of the store must seem a little strange.  First of all,  since it was the *only* bike,  and then of course,  it has fenders and stuff.

“New and Shiny” is pretty much still well,  new and shiny.  It’s easier to keep a well made bike clean I find,  even though all the bikes got a little filthy in the basement of the apartment in Vienna.

It was a rather harsh environment.


Didn’t matter.  These bikes are made for harsh environments.  If you ever happen to venture over to the Netherlands,  you’ll see Gazelle and Batavus bikes, (among a host of others) some of which have been in continuous use for twenty,  thirty years or longer. 

You won’t find much going back before the second world war though,  as the word is that the German soldiers stole all the bikes they could find to ride back home when they were being forced to retreat.  It’s a story.  Not sure if it’s entirely accurate.

Of course,  I could have walked to the store,  but the interesting thing is,  since I chose to take just a slight detour on the way home (just one street over,  no big deal) it so happened that I was able to exchange a “good morning”  with a neighbour I never knew we had.  I mean,  just some person coming out of their house,  possibly recognised me.  Don’t know.  My point is, being on two wheels,  one does tend to interact with others more readily.  Just one of those things.

Maybe that’s why most Dutch folks whom I know like to yak?  They’re good at it.  Trust me.


Anyhoodle,  you’ll notice the containers there,  one of which has “yard waste” plastered on the side?

Well,  this is one of the slight annoyances of suburban life, especially when one no longer has access to a honkin’ big dumpster at work. *ahem*

We have to put out our clippings to be picked up.  I think I read somewhere that it’s supposed to start as of the First of April.   This is good.  The roses out front have gotten out of hand,  and I’ve having to be a bit ruthless when it comes to getting them back down to size.

There hasn’t been anyone with the fortitude to do this nasty business over the last four years,  so it’s up to me.


And that is most of what is on the agenda for today.


Fun stuff.

I’m sure I could blather on here,  but I’d best get out there.


Hope the Easter Bunny is good to you.  Just remember, if what’s left behind looks like raisins,  they’re probably not.


Thanks for stopping by.




  1. Thanks for the tip on raisins, I didn't know that... ;c)

  2. all you need are a few rabbits and some deer. I just started raking this week after the snow melt, and discovered my roses chewed down to the roots. Maybe voles too? Who knows. gardening in a forest is not for weinies. oh yeah...Wein-er. I at least learned something while in Austria.

    1. Wien = Vienna.
      Wein = (sounds like wine) The stuff you drink.

      Just thought I'd mention it. Mind you, I could be a 'Weiner' too I suppose.

  3. Your bike looks a lot like my old Raleigh, which is an English bike. I had panniers over the back tire to haul groceries etc. If I remember right, it's the butt that suffers the most until it gets used to that seat again ;-)

  4. Anneke kept her Dutch bike for 9 years after we returned to the states, but finally the Dutch air pump failed and it needed new tires, so it has gone the way of all things. I must say that Dutch bikes are generally much better than those you can buy in the states. Enjoy it:)

  5. Won't take long now and we are doing some serious garden work ourselves. That is before "work" starts.

  6. I had a Batavus about 30 years ago and it was probably the best built bike I ever owned... We had a specialty bike store in Des Moines, Iowa that sold European bikes, but they charged a lot for them... Oh, well, like I said it was probably the best bike I ever owned...

    1. Um ya, "New and Shiny" was something like €900, but it's truly a joy to ride. And not that bad to look at either.

  7. Nice to get back on that bike and tour about, enjoying the peace and quite, get a bit of exercise to boot.

  8. butterbean carpenterApril 1, 2013 at 1:20 PM

    Howdy Bob,
    Down here in Texas we call'em 'smart' pills and give'em to our Northern visitors; if they say they taste like 'rabbit-s..t' we tell'em, see there they work, and you're gettin' smarter already!!! Any bicycle looks strange in North America, except California, because nobody will work that hard anymore!! They're cheaper to replace when stolen in CA, than a car!!!!
    The Nazi's stole anything including horses and mules/donkeys to escape on... Keep on looking like a 'Dutchman', that's classy!!!! Hoe the roses put back out, but they bloom on the NEW growth!!!


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