Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A little excitement.

I suppose I could have also said,  “Welcome to my nightmare”,  but it wasn’t too bad.  Really.

I’ll let some of the pictures speak.


These guys showed up at about 8:15.


Um, with an empty truck?


Within a few minutes it all started to make sense.




Transport Dude has to then cut off the seal that was put on in Hamburg.  So our stuff went from Vienna to Hamburg to Montreal to Burlington.  In case you were keeping score.


Then he backs the container right up to the back of the empty truck,  and the boys go at it.

I had previously tried to figure out where everything would go,  so as we were checking off the items,  it was all getting shoved here and there.   There were only a couple mystery items that ended up going wherever they would fit.   The list was 177 items long.


Kind of like an early morning “brain game”.


So…in the garage.



In the shed.



Yes,  that’s a shed.  Not a little house.


In the living room.


And in the upstairs hallway. 


No comment about the cat.  I ended up sequestering him in the bathroom.  He likes to be under foot.   The dog spent a couple hours in the kitchen on his bed.  He didn’t mind too much,  since he could at least see what was going on,  and there was no danger of him suddenly having the urge to bolt out the door. 

There were a couple bed thingies that I had the movers shove in the basement,  although I had no way of knowing if I got the right mattresses or not,  since they had bundled up some of the items after they had taken them out of the apartment.  So the boxes that the mattresses are in are all the same size!  I’ll sort it out eventually.

Speaking of sorting out.  One of the first things I wanted to check was the chandelier that we shipped over.  It didn’t do too badly.

The little links that hold up each individual ring on which all the shiny bits are hung got a little stretched in the jostling, so I spent some time checking it over very carefully.

It has to hang of course,  in order to do that,  which meant having to remove the cardboard cylinder that I had put on in Vienna.   I’ll put it back on before I take it in the house.

I had to devise some sort of Rube Goldberg arrangement to accomplish that little nightmare.  I’ll tell you right now,  I wouldn’t be able to do that for a living.  Either my fingers are too stubby,  my eyesight is too poor,  or my patience are too lacking.   If I had any more hair,  I probably would have pulled it out.



It looks rather fetching hanging there in the garage though, don’t you think?   Um…it’s not going to stay there.

OK so,  stuff to do.  I’m outta here.


Thanks for lookin’.   Keep those sticks….oh whatever.




  1. Now you have too much stuff... wonder how much of it will eventually become donated....? We seem to expand until we have filled all available space.... How about you?

    1. It's an affliction. And the thing is, I like to see bare floor. The older I get, the less cr*p I want around me. That's the theory anyway. Both daughters will be getting their fair share, trust me.

  2. It might take forever to open it all and sort it. Much longer than the packing up part anyway. Good luck!!

  3. I'm just glad it's you and not me having to do all that unpacking. Can't imagine why you don't want to leave that beautiful chandelier in the garage.

  4. Well done on the temporary chandalier mount.

  5. Ugh! I hate unpacking. Guess that's why I take everything with me. :)

  6. Oh boy, does that look like fun!!! As Jim and Sandie said, glad it's you and not me.

    I think you now must have the most glamorous garage anywhere. Who else has a chandelier hanging in their garage even if it's only for a short time?


  7. Think of it as Christmas morning and you have all those wonderful gifts to unwrap. Looks like your daughters have a lot of gifts coming their way....

  8. I think the Odd Essay has it right. With aging short term memories being what they are, it should be like Christmas time around your house opening all those boxes to the many wonderful surprises inside...

  9. I sure would hate to see your packing inventory sheet....and have to reconcile it? No thank you...Have fun.

  10. Wow, like has already been said , glad its you and not us!
    You certainly will have your work cut out for you in the next while.

  11. Did the moving routine too many times. Now I'm so happy to live in my RV, no packing and unpacking as we roll down the road.

    Hope all your things arrived in good condition and not pieces.

  12. I have lost count of how many times I have moved in my life, but some where in the area of 17 times. I hope never to do it again:)

  13. We did our fair share of moving. Glad that I am not in your shoes to do the unpacking.
    We downsized three times - still, there is too much stuff around.
    The best time - living in the trailer. One does not need much to be happy.
    Just my view.


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