Thursday, December 22, 2011

We’re in Slovenia, really.

After dinner the other night,  we were walking back to our hotel (which was all of maybe 100 metres from the restaurant)  and I spotted this white truck parked outside.

Couldn’t help myself but take a couple pictures,  and my daughter said, “Pretty sure that’s going in the blog”.


Well,  t’ya!

My apologies to anyone who might own one of these “pick-up trucks” (note the quotation marks) since it’s a Honda “Ridgeline”,  but there are two things going on here.  First of all,  it’s goofy looking.  It might be all practical and everything with a storage area under the truck bed and all,  but I’m sorry.   Goofy.   Apart from that,  any pick-up truck in Europe already looks somewhat out of place,  but this one is extra “out of place”,  and here’s the kicker.   Check out the license plate.


Just click on it if you can’t make it out.

Are you kidding me?  This was taken outside the Sava Golf Hotel in Bled,  Slovenia.  If you prefer,  you can check out the hotel’s website itself

We never did get the story on this truck.  I see the plate is good for an entire year,  since the tag doesn’t expire until December 2012.   I think this just might prove my theory of “more money than brains”,  since I’m not too sure just who would buy one of these things,  and then SHIP IT ACROSS THE OCEAN?    Right. 


Anyway,  I’ll sort out my pictures and put up a choice few in a day or two.  Sitting at a desk in the hotel here is not something that I find particularly comfortable.  I need my comfy digs back in Vienna. 

Tomorrow we’ll hang around Ljubljana for the morning and then head out to see the cousin in Sava for 2:00. p.m.,  and then we’ll make a beeline back to Vienna tomorrow night. 


Keep those sticks on the ice.  See you all back in Vienna,  and thanks for stopping by.




  1. Too funny. It must have been some kind of government appointment that allowed the guy to ship his vehicle overseas. And, it really isn't THAT expensive to ship a vehicle to Europe. Still, funny nonetheless...

  2. Okay - I'm offended (not really). We owned a Chevy Avalanche which looks something like that but much, much, much, much nicer. I loved that truck!!! It was the best driving vehicle I've ever driven and also on of the most comfortable. I hated to give it up for the truck we have now but you can't tow a fifth wheel with it. But I also wouldn't take it to Europe with me.

  3. that is so funny and way more money than brains to pay to ship it all the way across the ocean..
    don't laugh but a few years ago when that model came out we actually thought about buying one..sure glad we didn't!!..and Sandie is right..the Ridgeline is just a smaller version of a Chevy Avalance..anyone remember the van/station wagon that turned into a tent?..they gave one away on Survivor?..can't remember what it was that was a weird looking thing!!

  4. Bob, could have been a sailor or a soldier who took that truck across. Weren't there Canuck troops stationed in Slovenia or around that area? I don't like the Ridgeline either. Goofy, like you said.

  5. being all girly here I think its a cute truck...but they sure must have tons of $ to ship that from have a wonderful Christmas

  6. Hmmmm. Ontario...CANADA!

    Feliz Navidad!


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