Saturday, December 10, 2011

Wandering aimlessly.

And that’s about all I have to say.  It was another “shopping day”,  which was more like a “shopping,  couple of hours”,  since I had pretty well had enough after about the first hour or so.   It was like being at the Vatican at Easter.   Seriously,  it seemed like half the world had decided to head to Vienna today.

There was no point in taking the car, since the objective was to go down to the first district,  and we really didn’t even know where we wanted to end up.  That meant taking the subway,  getting off at Stubentor and making our way back until well,  we couldn’t take it any more. 

If I tell you all the streets we were on,  it wouldn’t matter anyway,  so I’ll just put up some pictures.


Ah,  and see the clock?  T.C. didn’t want to believe me that we got such a late start.  She wanted to “go early”.  Hm.

And if you want to overdose on Viennese Schnitzel,  this is the place.  Didn’t go today,  I’m just pointing it out.


The Schnitzels are bigger than a dinner plate.  Of course,  that’s pretty much all you get,  but that’s OK,  since that’s about all a person can eat.  There’s a pretty good description of various types of Schnitzels here.

We actually went in and bought something here:


A person could seriously haemorrhage a bank account at this place.  Men’s clothing by the way.  Youwzah.


The store we were actually looking for was this next place.



Yes,  that’s Spiderman hanging off the wall.  It’s a sort of claustrophobic kind of merchandising store that I had to get out of after about 10 minutes.  I can handle it when things are nicely displayed,  but this place was just way too busy.  I didn’t take a picture inside,  since even if that were OK, it wouldn’t have made much sense anyway.  Besides, it wasn’t only about comic books.  I could have handled only comic books. They just had way too much junk for my liking.  When you start buying things like Star Wars slippers,  or a Simpson’s loofah?   Please.  I’ll admit I just might be making up a couple things here, but you know what I mean.  There’s a nice little video that sums up the silliness of merchandising here, if you’re so inclined.  My apologies for the humour of Mel Brooks,  but it’s your own fault for sticking around this long.

Now,  speaking of things that make you go,  “whoa”,  there was this fellow zipping on by with a furry hat on his head.  There’s a story about those hats.  They ain’t cheap,  and wearing them has something to do with tradition.



Why am I suddenly whistling the theme from “Fiddler on a roof”?  Wrong bunch,  I know.  Indulge me.

The name of that particular hat by the way,  is a either a Spodik, or a Shtreimel.  I’m more or less at the outer limits of my research capacity here,  you’re welcome to find out on your own.

Anyway,  we didn’t find anything at all in the Comic store, mostly since buying something there for the intended recipient is like buying a hand tool for yours truly.  I either already have it,  or the one you picked out is perhaps not quite what I had in mind. 

What will follow is a succession of pictures I took right up until we decided we needed to go home.





And if you can believe it,  there were actually tour groups making their way through these hordes!   For the most part,  with the exception of the tour groups,  making our way through the throngs is almost tolerable.  People aren’t overly rude or anything,  and do tend to make way,  or whatever.  Once in a while though,  you get the ladies and their baby buggies,   and when the frequency of tour groups and baby buggies reaches a certain threshold, that’s when I start to formulate a plan to get out of there and go home.

I’m afraid I’m not clever enough to come up with a mathematical formula to demonstrate this urge to slap somebody silly,  so you’ll just have to take my word for it.   It would be something like:  Frequency of tour groups times baby buggies,  times the square root of the increasing pain in my neck and shoulders, equals Bob get’s really crusty.    Time to go home.

Don’t try to make sense of that,  but I think you understand the “formula”.


We had this naive idea that we’d go out again this evening and take in some of the sights,  but after dinner we just no longer had the ambition for much more walking around,  standing around or higher math.

The night time crowd must be heaps younger than yours truly.


Hope you’re enjoying your weekend so far.


Thanks for stopping by.




  1. Okay - now I know about Schnitzel but I'm not sure about the lemon. I think gravy would be much better. And way too many people for me. All I'd want is to get out of there.


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