Thursday, December 29, 2011

Many thanks.




Just thought I’d mention how much we appreciate all the wishes that have been sent our way for Christmas.  I’m sure there are more cards that may have arrived at the house in Canada that we’ll get to see at some point in time.    I think though that the word did get around that we were staying here for Christmas,  since many more cards have arrived over the last few days as well.   Always fun.


Rather than go all crazy with photos from out jaunt down to Slovenia,  (I think it’s “down”,  seems that way on a map anyway)  there’s a way to post a bunch of pictures on Facebook and then provide a link for anyone who is remotely interested.

It would be this one here…link

Go nuts. 

(hey,  somebody’s server has to have room for all my useless photos, it might as well be facebook)


Our days have been spent generally being in each other’s company,  which has been quite fine so far. The only possibly exception,   for me anyway,  would be a couple excruciating games of Scrabble.    I usually reply with a terse, “NO”,  when asked if I’d like to play,  but in the spirit of having some company after all,  I thought I should be a good sport and play along.  Fool.

I hate to admit it,  but I suck at Scrabble.  It’s possibly since I have the attention span of a gnat.  I’m not sure.  What’s even more embarrassing,  I’m the only one in the group with a “liberal arts” education.   Guess that was a waste.  I somehow have the innate ability to confuse golf with Scrabble when it comes to my score.

The “kids” are at this very moment somewhere down in the first district,  since one of their objectives today was to climb the steps of Stephansdom.  I should point out that there is a lift (OK, elevator)  on the other (north) tower,  which we’ve taken,  but if you’re up to it,  there’s a better view from south tower,  but that involves ascending something like 343 very narrow steps.   Actually,  it’s more like exactly 343 steps,  but whatever.   I did the 90 some odd steps up the Arc-de-Triomphe a few years back on a visit to Paris.   That was enough to last for a while I figured.

Other than that,  there’s not too darned much happening.   It’s that post-Christmas,  pre New Year’s Eve lull,  only I’m not at home to go out and futz around in my shop. 

Our weather has been surprisingly mild,  with it being almost sunny every day,  with temperatures that are at least above freezing,  even if only in the single digits.   For December,  I’ll take it.

Tomorrow we have to do the dreary trip back to the airport,  since our visitors will be heading back to Canada.



Keep those sticks on the ice people.



Thanks for stopping by.





  1. Your pictures look great, definitely a place we will have to visit, some day soon!

    Glad you have been having decent weather especially with you having visitors around, sorry that they have to leave so soon.

    Kevin and Ruth

  2. So sorry to hear you suck at Scrabble. (By the way - me too). But the company more than makes up for the loss. And you need to just convince them you are letting them win.

  3. I'm with you - I usually say no to Scrabble and any other board games too.

    Nice to see you've enjoyed your visit with friends and have had some decent weather.

  4. Slovenia would be a great place to visit. We have friends from there...and, of course, any place in Europe is a trip to enjoy. It has been several years now since we've been in Europe. Might be time to think about another jaunt there.

    All the best in 2012.

  5. I can't believe you suck at Scrabble. You have an awesome vocabulary.
    Glad you had a great visit with your friends!

  6. nice pictures of your trip...yes I did click on the link! that TC??..very pretty if it is!!

  7. So glad you got to spend the holidays with loved ones...sorry they are leaving so suck at scrabble? Its one of my favorite games...I like to play it with the utmost of strategy...If I can't use the triple..I will surely block it so you can't either mean am I....take care safe journeys to the airport...


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