Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Cooking Alone.

And that’s really the only way to do it,  since I don’t know of too many cooks* who really want anyone else hanging around. 

Or,  as one of Travelling Companion’s former associates used to say,  when he meant “hanging around”, he’d say, “Hoovering”.   He was trying to say, “Hovering”,  but his first language was Dutch, and there was the odd time when some things would come out a wee bit wrong.   Like the Bay of Foondy (Fundy).   We never did offer to correct any of these little slips,  since it was so entertaining.  Was that mean?

And besides,  correcting folks who are using another language other than their mother tongue to communicate all the time is just rude I think.  Who gives a shit,  really?

Having said that,  (the cooking alone part that is)  there are times on the weekends when Travelling Companion and I will muster up some sort of joint effort.  Last weekend wasn’t one of those times.  Some times we’re just not hungry.  I think it’s some sort of lack of discipline during the day,  as we tend to graze just a little too much.   All I seem to recall was the steaks we had Sunday night. 

This is what they look like before adding some  Denninger's Steak spice and Worcestershire sauce.

(Click that link for a clue as to what exactly Denninger’s is…)


The butcher actually cuts them from a tenderloin,  and will cut them as thin (not good) or thick as I’d like.   Thicker is better,  since then we don’t end up with insoles instead of steaks.  Travelling Companion likes hers a little more done than me,  so hers might just be a little thinner.  That’s heaps easier than trying to stagger cooking times.   Staggered cooking times!  Ha!  Please, are you kidding?

See,  I took that damned picture,  and I had to figure out a way of sticking it here.  So there you go.


Speaking of simple.  I was,  sort of, right?  I usually try and keep meals simple.  Because well, I AM.  It’s taken me a lot of years to realise that I’m not the sharpest knife in the drawer,  and after I came to that contusion  (I mean,  conclusion) everything got easier.  Believe me.  Just accept it.

Which is why preparing last night’s meal was a bit of an undertaking.  It’s one of those that is usually at least a joint effort.  Well,  either that or I just stay safely off to one side.  It’s a one person kitchen after all.


This is a recipe that we got from my sister-in-law from WAY around on the other side of world,  off there in West Vancouver.  Thanks “L”!



Yes,  I was actually using FOUR pots!  Jumpin’!  There’s only four burners,  so I suppose that’s pretty much the limit.

Now,  I just realised that I’ve run out of segues.    It’s an unfortunate situation really,  but I haven’t a clue how to make the jump to this next idea.  I must have used them all up in November.  Sad, really.  I apologize.




There’s an expression that one should be mindful of whenever you find yourself on a boat. (this will make sense,  just wait)

And I’m not really kidding around here.  Whether it’s a sailboat,  powerboat, doesn’t matter.  It’s simply this:  “One hand for the boat”.  

What that means is,  whatever you’re doing, wherever you’re moving,  you need to be hanging onto something.  One hand or the other.  Boats can do some unpredictable things.  Sailboats even more so.  Trust me,  it saves a great deal of blood letting or having the rest of the crew do a “man overboard” drill.  

Mind you,  if you’re tying a bowline in the clue of the headsail, and need both hands, my preference is to be right down on the deck.  But that’s just me.  Tougher to get hurled overboard that way.


As an example of the mumbo jumbo confusion that I’ve long ago realised is the best that I can possibly do when it comes to “thinking”,  this was a thought that occurred to me as I was stirring the rice while whipping up the Chicken Risotto..

“One hand for the glass.”

Not that I wanted to make the whole procedure more complicated or anything,  it’s just that the recipe calls for white wine.  I figured, to be on the safe side,  I should really test it.  We must err on the side of caution after all.




But then,  really and truly, I think it’s a pretty good cooking motto!  “One hand for the glass” people!  Look sharp!

I can’t see why that wouldn’t catch on.

I’ll alert the media.


With that,  I’ll bid you a pleasant day.

And, as usual,  thanks for stopping by.


*I’m using that term “cook” in an overly generous fashion when referring to myself of course.





  1. Four pots at one time. Did you turn the heat off in the house?
    I enjoy listening to "non-English as the first language" people speak. It gives me a good idea how difficult our language is and not as easy as my English teacher used to say it is.

  2. wow quite the meal you have going on there..but you didn't tell us what was in the pot!!! and how in the name of all that is good and holy do you flow from cooking to sailing..hahahaha

  3. Well, that about covered it!! So what was in the other pots???


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