Saturday, June 12, 2010

They're here!

They're looking pretty refreshed for having endured eight and a half hours on Austrian Air.  Didn't hurt that they came over First Class.  About three hours into the flight,  after having been fed constantly for the first two hours,  Rob figured they could just turn the plane around and head back,  since the feeding frenzy was pretty much the best vacation he had had up to that point.
Everyone else wanted to keep heading for Vienna,  so I guess he figured,  "meh,  what the hell".
The airport pick-up went OK,  although it turned out that they came in about 15 minutes early,  and I could very well have dropped Gabe off to go and fetch them and gone around once.  Who knew?   I didn't make it into the terminal before they were well on their way to the parking garage.
Apparently the simple action of taking a parking ticket from the machine costs just as much as parking for a good half hour.  Figures.
Some places actually have a 10 or 15 minute grace period (yes,  in Austria)  that allow you to race in and race out.   Not the airport parking.
Then they wonder why people are blocking traffic trying to pick up passengers?

By that point in the morning (some time around 8:40?)  the temperature was already up around 22°C.
I just now came back from having hoofed it down to Neubaugaße,  and pretty much immediately jumped in the shower,  since I'm pretty sure it's up in the mid thirties by this point,  with the usual hoards of (now hot and sweaty) people shopping on Mariahilferstraße.
The whole experience is just a tad smellier is all.

Once again,  very thankful we sought out a place with air conditioning.
I'm done.  Not going out again.
I think I feel a nap coming on,  and since I'm the only one awake at the moment,  this would be a good time to give in.


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