Monday, June 28, 2010

I see ugly people.


I've been out and about a couple times today, and I'm sure it's not just me.  There's a lot of butt-ugly people out there.
Possibly.  Possibly one in a hundred is half decent looking,  but often I start to make that observation,  and the person (usually female,  I'll admit it)  puts a cigarette up to their mouth.  I don't know what ever happened to that old adage that it was not "lady like" for a woman to walk down the street and smoke at the same time?
Guess that one went out with the notion of wearing proper support undergarments.

I do realise that I sometimes take a second look at the ladies wearing the Halloween costumes, and give them a bit of a wide berth,  since anyone who dresses that early for Halloween really can't be trusted,  but at some point there has to be a happy medium between wearing some smelly hot tarpaulin and well,  the other extreme.

Getting so a feller can only look down at the sidewalk.

You do know what I'm talking about right?   I guess they're all Star Wars fans,  since they do seem to like to dress up like Darth Vader.

Remember that guy?

Some of his more obvious fans:

Don't know about you,  but I see a lot of similarities there.  Well,  except the version above is wearing gloves and a belt.

But possibly that's a "guy" thing.

Maybe it's because Mariahilfer is some sort of shopping Mecca,  since I do hear a lot of other languages other than German.  Maybe that's it.  Actually,  I shouldn't give too much of a wrong impression,  since the Austrians don't actually speak "German",  as I know it,  but some sort of marble mouthed slang that is hardly understood by most folks north of the 48th.

Meh,  I can sort of make it out.

Now,  Vienna is a cosmopolitan city.  I would expect everyone to be smartly dressed,  and I can make allowances for the tourists,  and they're pretty obvious,  but the shoppers are slobs.
I seem to recall when I lived in Paris,  going to the shopping district was a feast for the eyes.   Everyone was not only shopping for the latest fashions,  but they had no qualms about showing off what they already owned.

Guess the times they are a changin'.  Or I'm just turning into a grinch,  but I don't think I'm alone on this.

 It would also appear that Mondays are "get your meds"  days as well,  since I've been into the Kaiserkrone Pharmacy a couple times today,  and each time the place has been mobbed.   They have something like six cash points open,  and there's a line of six to eight people at each one.  I might saunter over there later today and check it out once again,  but I really don't feel like standing in line for a good half hour trying to fill a prescription.   I'm not even sure if I can get a refill,  since the system they have here is just a tad different from what we're used to.
I have this piece of paper I've been hanging on to since around the New Year that I keep taking back for yet another refill.   They're running out of places to stamp the thing.  It's not really that big.  Thankfully my travelling companion has a doctors appointment in a week or so,  and we can get a new piece of paper.

Other than those two minor rants,  it's simply a beautiful day here today in Wienerland.  Supposed to go up to somewhere around 29°C today,  and be just about the same for the rest of the week.

I can deal with that.


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  1. Those would be ninjas in that there photo, not Vader wannabees.

    Trust me I know...the force is strong in this one.


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