Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Backing up photos

After a frantic email from our daughter after she got back to Canada and somehow wiped out all the pictures she had taken while over here,  I decided I had better get my crap together and back up a few of my own pictures.

Sometimes it's best not to tempt fate.

Oh,  I had all her pictures by the way,  since they were still on the camera she had been using here,  as well as in a folder on my laptop.   I rarely delete anything,  unless it's so out of focus it has absolutely no meaning.  In spite of that,  I've only used about 80 GB of a half Terra byte back up drive up to this point.   That's 500 GB in case you were wondering.  I have a ways to go.

She signed up to a Picasa account and invited me to "share"  some photos,  with the result being that I "shared"  all the pictures she had taken here.  Took an hour to upload.  There were close to 900.
Can you imagine how many rolls of film that would be?  Gloriorsky!

I'll let you do the math on that one.

Now,  you may have noticed on the picture above that there's something "going on" there in a little box on the screen.   See,  my nephew had written a program for the back-up drive that looks to see what files are "new"  and then copies them to the drive.  Keen,  or what?
Well,  back before Christmas some time,  I noticed it wasn't really doing its thing,  so that meant that I had to physically copy entire folders over to the drive from the laptop.  Such a job!
OK,  if you realise that at one point in my very early life,  I've actually had to shovel manure,  you'd realise just how sarcastic that last remark was....

But I digress.

I mean,  all that pointing and clicking....

So,  as it turns out,  by following a certain sequence of events,  I thought I got the thing to work.  It was doing a bunch of "stuff" there  that took a good twenty minutes,  so I was pretty happy.   Well,  except for the realisation that I'm a complete idiot,  but other than that,  pretty happy.

Turns out I'm not that much of an idiot after all.  In spite of doing what ever it was doing,  I still had to go and copy a bunch of stuff.   It was "checking" I guess, but then not much else.
Meh,  no biggie.

With the exception of encountering a huge electro magnet,  the pictures on the drive are now safe and sound.

In other "news" (like any of this blather is anywhere close)  I took a little jaunt down to Bösendorfer Straße to pick up tickets for yet another outing.
We have more guests coming towards the end of the month,  and it never hurts to have a little diversion.

I'll elaborate on that in due time.

 (It's the "Musikverein")

Just so happens,  it was a tad warm out there today.  Can't say that sweating a little is going to hurt me,  but after getting up at five to see my travelling companion off to the Czech Republic,  combined with a couple hours out in the heat,  I was a little pooped this afternoon.

Pretty sure some of the temps we endured in Puerto Rico were way hotter that the 29°C  it got to this afternoon,  but there was always that pool to jump into.  No such luck this time around,  and it was actually a tad hotter down at street level.   I finally relented around 3:00 p.m. and turned on some air conditioning.

I guess I should feel guilty about that if I absolutely have to.

 But then again,  maybe not. 


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