Thursday, June 10, 2010

Now we're cookin'!

Not much going on today.   Did go out for a quick burn on the bike.  Wasn't too terribly bad if moving.   Not exactly breezy country weather out there.
This is one of those occasions when I'm oh so glad we put "air conditioning"  on the "need to have" list.   We actually had a few similar hot days last year in Delden,  and there was no air,  and no pool to jump into either.
Such fun.
Still find it incredible that the average Austrian, when asked will say, "Oh,  we don't have air conditioning".


Hello.  It gets hot here.
A fellow who reports to Gabe doesn't have air in his apartment,  and to make matters worse,  the air in his car doesn't work either.  They've ordered the guy his car,  but Lord knows when it will arrive.  There was even some "concern" as to whether he was to have a car?  Again hello,  he's an Ex-Pat.  He gets a car.


Oh,  and speaking of idiots.  There is this one particular lady behind the meat counter at the local "Billa" down the street.  She's never impressed me as being the sharpest knife in the drawer,  and yesterday she was able to establish once and for all her place in my little mental list of dummies.
If ordering cold cuts,  they start a running total on the scale,  and when you're done,  they print it out,  put the little packages in bag,  put the sticker with the items listed and the total across the mouth of the bag,  so it cannot be opened, and hand it over.

Thing is,  I didn't check the contents of the bag until later on,  when I realised that the silly cow had left out one of the packages.
Now,  in the grand scheme of things,  if a few slices of salami that I wanted to put on a pizza were to simply disappear somehow,  I'm sure I wouldn't consider it much of a tragedy.  Typically though,  this individual always gives one the impression that it's somehow an inconvenience to ask her for anything,  in spite of the fact that she's there to get you stuff.
That kind of attitude wouldn't be tolerable in the best of situations,  but in her case it's made even worse since she's such a dipshit.
(By the way,  "dipshit" is a general term used in most service industries used to describe someone who needs to have their ass fired out the door.   Just so you know.)

So it was mostly due to my inability to let even this slight transgression go by the wayside that I bothered to go back at all.

Didn't need much.  Just a container of milk and a cucumber,  but I wanted my flippin' salami,  dammit!

She did that sheepish "Gomer Pyle" kind of grin,  muttered something unintelligible about how it was busy or something (which it wasn't)  and offered her apologies. (sort of)
She did say,  "Dass war meine Schuld".   (that was my fault)
Well duh!   No kidding. 
I said very little,  offering neither a smile nor any other form of acknowledgement that it was somehow "OK"  that she was a dope.
Now,  before you get all pissy about my pettiness over a few slices of salami,  let me repeat this, I probably would have let it go, had it been almost any of the other employees in the place who generally have a half decent attitude when it comes to dealing with customers.  Remember customers?   The ones that pay their wages?


Glad I got that off my chest.

Managed to find a "tool store"  on Mariahilfer that my sister-in-law said she saw when she was out walking last week.  Apparently  she walked quite a ways.

Usually I have to make sure I have the car and go to one of the outlet type places out in the burbs if I need something.  Had no clue there was anything on Mariahilfer.  It's just a hole in the wall,  with not exactly the best prices in town,  but if I suddenly have a crying need for a package of screws, at least now I know it's there.

Keep it between the ditches.


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