Friday, April 30, 2010

Do you see what I see?

There are probably very few places on the planet that are free of junk mail,  or the paper junk that gets dropped at one's door.
Actually,  they have this nifty system here where all the cr*p is in a little plastic bag that one then finds hanging on the outside door knob.  They even have special little bags made for just that purpose.
Mind you,  there have been times when having a bag of junk mail come swinging in at me as I open our door does tend to scare the living daylights out of me,  but I can live with that.
I don't mind perusing the junk mail on the whole,  and the weekly dose does include a small local news blurb having to do with the seventh district here in Vienna.

Every so often though,  something stands out.

Kind of like a snippet into the Austrian psyche. 

Do you see what's wrong with this picture?

If you right click on that one and open it in a new window,  that works better.

First of all,  as a Canadian the "opening" and "closing" of the BBQ season has never been something I've felt required overly close observation.   I barbecue all year long,  and unless there's a blinding snow storm and I simply cannot see the BBQ,  it's just another means of cooking as far as I'm concerned.
I'm out there.

Pretty sure I'm not alone in this.

Secondly,  why are these two men only onlookers?  

This is very disturbing.  These two need a slap.   They need to be at the controls,  or out of the picture entirely.  I cannot stress this enough. 

What's more disturbing is the number of females on the left who are gawking at what's on the grill.  I just don't get it,  and I'm not about to make any assumptions.    No flames please.  (oh,  a bit of a pun there...)

Meanwhile,  I just now got back from a brief trip to the parking garage to check the GPS for foreign countries.  I do know we had no problems getting to Prague back in February,  so I was hopeful.
Turns out we have quite the selection,  including some places where I'll never want to go,  like Moldova or Bosnia-Herzegovina, but I was mostly concerned that we had Slovenia.
It's in there.

Tomorrow is a holiday here in Wienerland,  since it's May First.   In keeping with the whole above mentioned "backwards"  theme,  it's "Labour Day".
Yes...I know.  I don't understand either.

See,  we're blowing on outta town,  since we decided to take a little road trip down to Slovenia for the weekend.   Yesterday I booked us a room at the Villa Bled,  which was a stopping off point last year at Easter when we came down from the Netherlands.  We didn't stay the night that time,  but only stopped for lunch. 
It was on that trip that I made two discoveries.  The first was that the Audi DID NOT have Slovenia in the data base.   The second one was that my Nikon decided to take a nap right around Innsbruck.    Had to ship it back to Canada under warranty.  I ranted enough about that at the time,  and I'm over it now.   It has worked fine ever since,  even though I have this sneaking suspicion that the exposure is slightly off.
Could be my eyesight,  but I doubt it.
As much as we enjoyed the Audi,  the Navigation System was....and I'd like to make use of a highly technical term here in describing poorly engineered information technology....  STUPID.
So I broke down and bought a map.  Actually,  I had to buy a lot of maps,  and we have maps for every nook and cranny on this side of the pond,  since it's really hard to trust a Nav system that can't even find a German address in Germany,  in a German car.

BMW seems to have it figured out.

I seem to be getting off on a rant here,  so I'll just leave that whole Nav thing in the past.  It's someone else's problem now.
Oh...funny thing.   Not long after the new person got the Audi,  there was an email,  "is there more to the data base?"

Nope.   Sorry Dude.

Wanna buy some maps?


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