Thursday, April 8, 2010

Little jobs.

Please don't read that as "little jobbies",  since we won't be revisiting women's fashion.
Not this time anyway.

No,  this is more of a practical nature.

When we moved in back in November,  I placed a number of items in the upstairs storage.  It comes equipped with a light and electrical outlet,  so I'm all set.
Unfortunately I can touch either wall will my outstretched arms,  so it's not like I can rip a sheet of cherry plywood or anything,  but I could run a blender I suppose.

Hm...margaritas come to mind.

Where was I?


The ever so slightly annoying problem was,  when the very clever builders installed the door,  they forgot to install any sort of device to keep the rain from simply coming in at the top,  and although I'm not going to be here to see it happen,  in time the threshold (see below) simpy going to rot.

(they used OSB* fer heaven's sake!)

So what I needed is something called "flashing".
Trust me,  if you do a google search on "flashing",  you'll get no end of interesting results.   I'm talking about this stuff..
(best I just show a picture)

Now I have to say, I didn't just waltz into a building supply depot and pick up some flashing.  Oh no.
I still haven't a clue what it's called in German,  and I wasn't going to even try to explain that one.
Turns out,  as is the case with most of these little challenges,  I discovered something quite by accident one day when I wasn't even looking.  Why is that??

I guess it's a male version of shopping or something.   I'll happily go into a building supply store and just wander around.  You just never know what you'll see.  Sometimes it's something you need.
That's my story,  anyway.

As it happens this was only an "L" shaped piece of plastic that is conveniently long enough to have a few centimetres overhang on each end.  Not truly flashing in the galvanised metal sense,  but it'll work just fine.

Stylish,  yes?

All I had to do was wait for the weather to get warm enough to run a beat of caulk along the top edge.

And no,  I don't own a ladder in this country.  Have too many at home already,  and I refuse to buy another.

And.....we're done.

Just watch,  I'll be getting "hits" from the perves.
...and I don't mean by using the term "caulk" either....

Keep it between the ditches.

*Oriented Strand Board,  formally known as Aspenite.


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