Sunday, December 20, 2009

Internet Day (not)

Tuesday, December 8/09

Once again, not sure when I'll post this, since I'm simply sticking cr*p into my computer and then hoping to add it to the blog at some later date.

Monday was supposed to be internet day, since I had ordered phone and internet and was a little surprised when I got word that it would be installed already on Monday. First it was going to be some time in the New Year which, the way things tend to go, would have been par for the course here in Wienerland, BUT, since Tuesday (today) is a holiday, I guess there was suddenly an opening on the Monday. Everyone buggered off for the long weekend I guess.
Now, I seem to recall once upon a time when we needed an additional phone line installed at our house back in Canada that good ole Bell Canada knew ahead of time that it was a physical impossibility, and that a new line would need to be installed right next to the old one. This was many, many moons ago when daughter number 1 wanted a line in her room, and we were already using the second pair of the two pairs of lines that come in each phone line. (So, if you need a third phone line, you need more wires.)
Take a look at your phone connection some time, you'll see there's a red, yellow, green and're only using two of them.

Anyway, as much as I think not so very highly of Bell Canada, it would seem they're just a tad sharper than the nit-wits at Telecom-Austria. (or whatever they're called)
I can't very well blame the guy who showed up to do the installation, since he only had a certain amount of information given to him. It is a big city I suppose, but really, shouldn't someone have known it was a brand new installation, and that the wires had never been hooked up? Apparently we have phone outlets in darned near every room, and he tested them, and they all word just fine, thank you. However, the wire stops at the box just outside our front door.


He was very apologetic, and genuinely a decent guy, and promised to call back tomorrow to arrange to be here as soon as possible with a second dude and a couple ladders.
( I'm not about to hold my breath.)
The hallways in this place have high ceilings, and they'll need to fish some wires I imagine. He admitted that they had a similar problem in the new roof top apartments on the other side of the building.
As soon as he showed up, he said he knew there was going to be a similar issue.

It just occurred to me that my phone will probably ring either at the lawyer's office tomorrow morning, or at the Dr's appointment later in the day. I hate to be one of those "asocial" people that answers their cell phone in the middle of something or other, but if it's Internet Dude, I'm sorry.

We have all our little snippets of info ready for our immigration ordeal. Got our letters from the municipality in Twente saying we "de-registered" and that we behaved ourselves, along with all the other jazz we need (copy of our rental situation, extra passport photos etc.,)

We'll see how that goes.

Once again, not holding my breath.

Speaking of holding one's breath....

I need to send out a blanket apology to those of you who do tune in from time to time. I'm truly sorry that I've been letting things slide. It's a genuine pain in the ass to get myself down to the cafe. There's just something about the whole thing that makes me uncomfortable somehow. There's also the not so small matter of the battery in this laptop being a complete piece of cr*p and running down after about a half hour. Now I know that if I were to ask, I'm sure it wouldn't be a problem to plug in, but somehow it just doesn't seem right. I did plug in once a couple weeks ago, at the behest of the waiter, but I just can't bring myself to ask...

Besides, I was kind of thinking that after the internet was up and running on Monday, all would be right in the Blogging world.

Once again. *sigh*.

That's about it folks. I have no idea when I'll get this posted. Some time before the end of the week I hope.

Keep yer sticks on the ice.\par

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