Friday, November 20, 2009

Coming along.

Well,  I'm in the pub downstairs,  and the night dude has very graciously allowed me to plug my computer in since well,  turns out my battery sucks,  and the damned thing doesn't hold a charge any more than about 15 minutes.  Just the same,  don't want to abuse it too much.

Turns out this fellow played for the football (i.e soccer)  team in Enschede.  See?  All those lessons I learned way back when I tried my hand at selling Life Insurance do pay off once in awhile.  Something to be said for some sort of commonality.
This may be the beginning of a beautiful friendsship.  Or something like that.
We should have internet in a couple weeks anyway,  but I'm sure I'll still come down for the odd beer now and again,  as I have no problems with someone bringing them to the table. 
Now,  one of our daughters did want to see a pic of me washing dishes in the bathtub,  so I'll oblige.  But that's it!

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