Wednesday, December 23, 2009

More catching up.

Sometimes it's not that easy to come up with something that's remotely interesting since,  if I don't make a comment within a few hours of having the thought enter my pea-brain well,  it's pretty much gone.  Evaporated into the cobwebs of my mind somewhere,  only to hit me like a flash in the middle of the night,  or some other time when I have no means of getting it out through my fingertips. 
Funny about that,  my generation used to say,  "getting it down on paper".  I guess that phrase is as outdated as going out to "hitch up the team".
Well,  one of my brothers does go out to hitch up the team from time to time,  but that's not out of necessity,  but only to perhaps bring in a cord of firewood,  or otherwise play around.
These last few days have consisted mostly of running errands it seems.  My sister Alice came down Sunday afternoon for a nice visit.  She's much closer now that she's in Kitchener,  and her grandkids are an hour away (or less)  in one direction,  and we're an hour away in the other.  Well,  that is if we're not in Vienna I suppose,  but let's not be splitting hairs.
Then it was passport photo time on Monday,  then a quick trip to have all the stuff signed to prove you are who you say you are,  (we have a couple lawyers in the extended family)  then a trip to the passport office in Hamilton on Tuesday,  where we plunked down $117 Cdn to have a new passport for Gabe returned before the end of the year.  I think it's normally $87,  but for the rush job,  they want an additional thirty bucks.   She's been travelling so much that there were getting to be very few pages left for stamps,  and the Canadian government doesn't simply add pages,  so she had to get a whole new passport.
Then it was off to Toronto for yet another errand,  which meant it took us just about two and a half hours to get home since well,  Toronto's traffic management isn't any better than any other city I've been in over the last couple years.  I think I'll hold my tongue if I start to complain about the traffic in Vienna.  Toronto is pretty nasty.

Now,  just to add a small snippet to make things a tad more interesting,  I figured I'd throw in a pic of the kitchen at the apartment.  I took a few on the Friday morning when we were waiting for our cab,  just so we'd have something to show the kids.
I have to revisit the whole, "pictures of the apartment" program,  since some of them are sorely lacking in both composition and subject matter.  I used to think I could take pictures,  not sure what happened.

We had to go to Ikea to buy a couple more cabinets since the kitchen has maybe a half meter of counter space,  and we had stuff in boxes needing a home.  I almost think I have everything put away,  and as long as I don't acquire any more "stuff",  we'll be fine.

We started out with the three drawers that came with the kitchen,  but with the two additional cabinets,  at least we have another seven.  (ooooh,  seven!)  I've also added a four more shelves,  just to try and get everything put away.

It still looks pretty sparse I suppose, but I don't mind sparse.  I just need functional.

It's also a far cry from the kitchen here in Canada,  which isn't even that big compared to some,  but still....

 ...and looking the other way.....

 A bit of a difference,  considering there are three sinks,  around 22 linear feet of counter space,  as well as twenty-eight drawers.  

And yes,  they're all full,  but it's not all our stuff.

Speaking of sparse,  the Vienna location of the company that cannot be named put in new offices for the top team there. 
Pretty sure daughter number one,  who is an interior designer,  and does strictly corporate work,  would be underwhelmed.   All they need are a few bars on the windows to complete the look. 
Thankfully the heat works just fine,  so it only looks cold.

It was a Sunday afternoon so no,  she's not dressed for work.

Elegant,  huh?

Seems her office up in Shrems has a little more character,  but I haven't seen that one yet.

Today I'm looking forward to heading off to the Big Bang Boozerama at one of the watering holes here in Burlington to meet up with some friends.

Keep yer sticks on the ice.

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