Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Best part of being home.

With apologies to my friends and extended family,  I find the very best part of being at home is sequestering myself in my shop,  and simply messing about.
Of course,  others might call it a "garage",  but the bulk of the time it serves as a wood shop,  so I'm sticking with that.

There is a certain amount of evaporated time moving things around and dealing with the cobwebs, since the spiders manage to have a fairly good foothold if I don't fight them back every few months,  but then once I decide that I'm actually going to do something instead of tidy up,  I can spend hours doing nothing all day.

Wasn't it Randy Bachman who coined that phrase? 

We're back to the same ongoing project that I've been messing with just about ever time we come home for a few days.  This time I decided to remove the inner doors,  trim them ever so slightly since they were rubbing at the top,  and start putting on some sort of finish.
All I really need do is look around in one of the cupboards and I'm bound to find a can of something or other,  since all it needs is some sort of finish to keep it from getting filthy.

Eventually the hope is to get rid of all that cr*p that's hanging up there to the right,  and find a place for everything.  That "shelf" over the window (which is really one half of an old bi-fold door)  has been up there since I put it up as a temporary measure in 1992.

Yes kids,  that right.   1992.

While I realise that there are simply things (work, travels,  whatever)  that get in the way,  and it could be said that I'm not overly keen on "change",  just the same, we're coming up on twenty years here.
I think it's time to come up with a slightly more permanent solution....

When I figure that all out,  you'll be the first to know.

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