Monday, November 9, 2009

Just a quick update.

What day is it?


Monday, so we must be in Shrems.

OK well, I'm being a bit of a knob here, but I somehow suspect this is the way things are going to go for the next little while.
Gabe has a lot of places to visit, and a few people are going to have some “splainin” to do. Tomorrow or the next day I'll be running her up to some place in the Czech Republic which is about a twenty minute drive from here.
Then sometime next month there's a trip to Romania, and in a couple weeks she has to go back to Hengelo. She can take back a couple of the little items the movers packed by mistake. I don't think the landlords actually want the stuff, but there's no damned way I want to keep someone else's crap.

Got my own.

The apartment is slowing coming along. There's still that huge space where the kitchen should be.
I did put together a glass cabinet that we bought at Ikea, so we have a temporary place for some plates, cups and such.
Functionality is certainly something one must keep in mind when it comes to Ikea, since it certainly is crap. Wowsers.

But hey, if you have minimal tools, and I'm pretty sure, minimal intellect, it's just peachy keen.

Even when we lived like Hillbillies back on the farm, I'm pretty sure we had more amenities. I'm reminded of a visit a number of years ago with one of my then brothers-in-law to Ludlow, New Brunswick, which he lovingly referred to as “Dogpatch”. It's that whole, “everything on the table within easy reach” program.
In our case however it has more to do with having no other place to put anything.

Just the same, even though I haven't come close to figuring out the thermostat (hey, I have some issues with the one at home, and it's in English!) it sure is nice to have as much or as little heat in every single room. Man oh man! I mean, I'm sure we'll miss the Netherlands, but I definitely won't miss shivering in the mornings. (or most of the rest of the day, for that matter)

I'm currently at the Goldener Stern in Gmund, which you may recall was where we stayed when we were in the area back in September, just before coming home. This time however, since we have a set of wheels that we needn't return to the airport, I've done a little shopping this morning. Just a couple things for the apartment.

No big deal.

I think the next chore will be to go down to the desk and ask about an iron and ironing board. One of the joys of living out of a suitcase. Things get wrinkled big time.
That and I'll pony up a couple Euros for some internet, so I can post this. We're doing the “text and post later” plan. Means being on the net just that much less.

There won't be much fancy business other than that, since I managed to forget my wireless mouse back “home”. I'm just about crippled without it.



  1. I can't stop laughing at that picture! You must be going nuts!! You can't even handle having the paper towel dispenser on the counter! LOL

  2. You have no idea. It's all I can do to keep myself from running out the door and taking a header off the balcony. Good thing I'm not really all that much of a "rain man", or I'd really have issues.


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