Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Visitors, day two.

As previously mentioned, we decided to pick up our guests at Schiphol instead of having them take the train. The traffic actually wasn't too onerous and we only once came to a complete standstill.
Turns out Easy Jet was a tad early, which worked out perfectly as we were able to scoop them up just outside the terminal. There's really no provisions for this type of activity, and you just have to hope that there's a spot to stop is all. We were able to use a big bill board as a landmark. The whole process certainly gets heaps easier when both parties have cell phones.
As another example of the (to me anyway) amazing things one can do in these modern times; one of our guests had a paper due back in Edinbra on Tuesday....yet here she is working on it at our dining room table.....The paper in question belongs to my niece Anne-Marie on the right, who is getting her friend Kristin to take a fresh look....and possibly slash and burn.
The problem wasn't one of getting the job done as much as cutting out some bits, since the prof put an upper limit of 2500 words on the thing, and there were points to be made and arguments to be won.

Unfortunately, not all of the visitors were quite so perky by this time of the night, and Gabe and I certainly couldn't stay up too much longer to see how they made out. The final snippet on news was that it eventually got sent off around three a.m...

I'm still in utter amazement at the whole notion of submitting an essay in electronic format from another country and having someone then print out your hard copy and submit it on your behalf. I can still recall trudging through a snow storm to get an essay to the sixth floor of Togo Salmon Hall to get it to the prof's mailbox at the proper time....

Ah yes, the "good old days". !

The cycle of sleep hasn't quite righted itself just yet since, it's at this point past the noon mark and I'm just now starting to hear some activity upstairs. Quite possible that the beds are just a tad too comfy?

We did manage to get out a bit later yesterday afternoon and tool around town a little. Unfortunately it still does get dark pretty early and not all the bikes in the fleet have the proper functioning lights.

Lucas is looking a little more awake...
I decided to once again take us in the direction of the canal since well, something to do with the water, not sure what that is.

Here you can see how it's virtually impossible to get yourself lost, since there are maps and markers anywhere that a bike can go.

The possible plan for today will be to head for Deventer. Only time I've been there is when passing through by train, but I hear back from previous guests, that it's worth the visit.
Stay tuned.

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