Monday, January 19, 2009

A distinctive sound.

Lying in bed last night, still able to keep our eyes open and read a bit, when we heard what sounded like a shriek and then the most definite sound of two bikes colliding.
Happened at the corner up the street, which we can see from the bedroom.
Had to be a little surreptitious, since we didn't want to seem too much like Gladys Kravitz while peering out from between the curtains.
Quite dark in spite of the street lights, but we could make out at least one bike lying on it's side and three or four riders conferring over possible damages, human or otherwise.
Didn't hear the "wee-wah" of an oncoming ambulance, so my guess is there were no injuries and within a few minutes, everyone continued on their way.
Not sure what would have been the cause with the exception of an obvious failure to yield. I've noticed at that corner in particular the bike riders do tend to cut it close from time to time, so I'm sure that was just one of those times when what could have been a near miss turned into a crash.
We'll be picking up our second set of visitors today, who were originally going to come to Hengelo by train from the airport, but their arrival is at a time when we hope the traffic will be favourable for a pick-up.
I'm sure if they want to do any biking we'll need to go over the road rules in detail, especially in light of last night's little reminder.
There will be three bodies, so hopefully they can suffer being squished in the back of the A6.
Remember that I was grousing about how big it is?
Forget that.

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