Saturday, January 10, 2009

Shopping for new wheels.

The biggest problem is having to choose.

Haven't a clue how to do one of those panoramic shots, but this is only one fifth of the store. It's simply a sea of bikes.
If remotely interested, you can check out their website
We pretty much weeded out the one's that were heart-stoppingly expensive (like, €2500 and up) and I did try out a few that were more or less in our price range. These were all pretty pricey just the same, but only so that they'd only make your heart race a bit, and not stop altogether.

The justification, if there can be one, is that it is replacing a second motorised vehicle. I mean, we haven't the room to park a second vehicle anyway, and don't really need one, so it's not an overly noble justification, but it will do.

Seems the accepted practise is to tool around the store with whatever you'd like to try out.

Of course, one must be mindful not to go careening into the "sea of bikes" and start some sort of domino effect. We parked in the back, so I didn't think we could make it to the car and get out of there fast enough if I did something that foolish.

Besides, we might like to go back.

I did kind of like that one. It has it's share of carbon fibre and aluminium to keep the weight down. I don't actually recall what it weighed, but it was quite light for an every day bike.

The two major brands they have are Batavus and Gazelle. They also carried the much cheaper Raleighs, but they're made in China, and I could see one of them already starting to rust in the showroom.

How sad.

We did go outside and I tooled around on a couple used ones, and they were in the three to four hundred Euro range (so you can just imagine the price of the new one, and that's all I'll say) Got a bit of a tutorial on what the proper sized bike should be (60 cm) for me, since I've never had a clue. All I know is, the bike I'm presently riding is way too small, and becomes really uncomfortable for any trip much longer than just to the store and back.
I'll have to order the proper sized bike in the model that I'd like, and it should arrive a couple weeks after that point.
We still have a little more research to do, but we'll quite likely pull the trigger on this one in a week or so.

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