Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Sunday in Luxembourg

....consisted of making sure we got down below to have a look around.
We did manage to find a place to have a bite to eat, but not before wandering around the lower part of the city.

There was something to see no matter which way you turned.

I certainly would be willing to try out the local watering holes, but since it was Sunday....they weren't open. At least not yet.

Comes a time when you realise that, there's all that driving to do, so we took a few pics on the Plateau Kirchberg, since our hotel was in the area where all the buildings are that have to do with the European community.
Hence all the flags of the common union.

The mandatory self portrait....hopefully the next time we're together we won't need to bundle up quite so much.

I just have to throw this last one in below, since we had been a little concerned by the fact that we don't yet have our snow tires.
This was the scene up in the Ardennes, and if you want to have an idea as to that location, just do a search on the "Battle of the Bulge".

Cool huh? Thankfully not snowing.

I'm happy to report though, that I got the call today from the garage and I'll be taking the car there in the morning.
Now, I don't have blue tooth on the bike, so I had to pull over and rummage around in my inside pocket for my cell phone, since I'm pretty sure that riding and talking at the same time was not a good idea.

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