Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Luxembourg is cool

I do realise that that title will eventually become redundant, since it would describe most of the cities in Europe however, hills, valleys and beautiful vistas do tend to make Luxembourg stand out.
What will follow is pretty much the same as anything you could find on the Internet I suppose, only from my particular perspective.
With a host of pictures.
Saturday is market day in just about any city or town on the continent, so that was no surprise, with the possible exception of a couple flavourful items here and there.
There were the Cossacks singing Russian songs. And they were quite good.

Looked as though they were not only open to cash donations, but were also flogging a CD. My only observation was that their choice of model might be something they could possibly reconsider.


....and, doesn't the guy with the accordion look like Putin??

The market itself was a little crowded, as they usually are. I have no evidence so you'll just have to believe me. Other areas were quite manageable, which was probably because half of the places were open on the Sunday as well.
The Christmas theme was everywhere of course.

I just realised that for those of you in the land of "ethnic diversity", you might not remember what that was. That's a manger scene. Just thought I'd point that out.

I actually felt a little sorry for these guys since, as anyone who has ever played a wind instrument can tell you, it's not easy playing in the cold. They don't call it warming up for nothing, and I vividly recall playing the baritone sax in a spirit band at many a cold football game.

Then of course, there are those little oddities that you come across....

I mean the store...not the models in front.

Plus, what would a blog entry be without this usual landmark?

Hey, some people take pictures of lighthouses, what can I say?

Although I did try and be a good sport and go in most of the stores, sometimes it just didn't happen.

I think this was the precise moment when they realised just how expensive everything was in Luxembourg.

Putting the "lux" in Luxembourg, so to speak.

Note some of the stores.....

My preference was to just wander around and look at this kind of stuff.....

Of course, the visit to Lux was only a hidden agenda, since the real purpose of the trip was to sit and yak with Jennifer.
I was horsing around with the camera while waiting for her to get to our room. I think maybe I need a little more practise with the aim. The walls are nice though, aren't they?
We had brought along some snacks, along with wine and beer, to which Jenn added a very nice bottle of Champagne.
It was a nice dry Champagne, and probably one of the few times I've had that particular drink and wanted to refill my glass.

Pretty much sums up my idea of a good day.

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