Friday, December 12, 2008

The Market

Just a minor observation that I thought I would share about the shopping patterns here.
You may recall that I had taken a pic on Sunday when Gabe and I rode up through Delden.
You could shoot a canon through the place.
Well, not today let me tell ya!
I had this nutty idea that I'd head back out to try and get some slightly more interesting cheese from one of the vendors. Turns out buying cheese is a big draw for the crowds.
Even though it was a balmy 2°C I did find that I was starting to cool off considerably as I stood in line to get my cheese.
At the precise moment when I became aware of the absurdity of standing in line for cheese, and was about to abandon ship, it was my turn.


I only bought one friggin' piece, since I couldn't really decide what I wanted, and could feel the icy stare of all the women behind me edging ever closer to their little slice of cheese heaven.

Then again, maybe it was just the cold.

I chose instead to amuse myself by taking a couple pictures:

Now you would think it would be some foreign clown like me trying to get in there with a car, but no....these folks are all locals, and should know better. I rode the bike. I'm not that dim. (mind you, I'm sure their hands were considerably warmer than mine)
Maybe they come from "north Delden" if there is such a place, and it's just too far to ride.
Even when I went up to the Read Shop (in which there's also a Post Office) the streets were utter madness.
There was even one guy who came down Kortestraat the wrong way. Man! I missed my chance to give him "the look"!
Mind you, I did that very thing about a month ago, so I really couldn't be too judgemental I suppose.
On second thought. Screw it. I shoulda given him the look. Maybe even pointed to my head.

Earlier today I decided to pick up the lost cause of videos that are too long for Blogger and signed up for "blip tv", which is a little hard to describe for a luddite like me, except to say that it's like "flickr", but for videos.
There you go. Now you know just as much as I do.
Basically it's a place to keep stuff online, and then let people link to it.

Except I haven't quite figured out all the nuances just yet.

I added a video to December 9th, and it is quite lengthy.
To be brutally honest, I have no clue whether it's in the proper format, since "blip tv" only likes files with certain extentions. Time will tell if I can ever figure it all out, but I'll just keep plugging away.

Pretty sure I'll have to rely on the written word for the foreseeable future.

So sorry to make you move your eyes back and forth like that.

On's now time to go to the video. If you scroll to the down to the bottom of December 9th, and click on the bottom video, you'll have the privilege of watching five minutes of snow falling over at the corner. Try not to fall asleep.

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