Wednesday, December 10, 2008

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Do you think they know? Or have any suspicion of my sarcastic nature? Is there some sort of a test?

Far be it from me to have a tee-shirt made up with a little slogan on it that reads, "by the way, if you do something really retarded, it's probably going to end up on the Internet".

My guess is it would have to be in Dutch.

Here's where I'm going with this.

Just happened to be back home after my morning trek, (and I'll be figuring out some wind chill values in a moment or two) and had just started digging into my homework, when the doorbell rang.
Turns out it was the Landlady, who had graciously stopped by with the missing parts to one particular curtain that still needs to go up.
I thanked her profusely and immediately got the stepladder and was about to install the things but hit a minor snag.

See if you can see how I might have an issue here...

Let me give you a bit of an action photo to better demonstrate.

And yes, unlike in previous examples where I only look miserable, this particular rendition is much more accurate.

You can see there just above me, one of the metal threaded posts onto which I was about to screw these brackets.

Simple really.

Maybe not today.

Didn't ship a hacksaw.

I mean, I could certainly put them up there keeping I suppose. But I certainly won't be putting up any curtain.

Just occurred to me that I might go over to the neighbour's and see if I can borrow a hacksaw. They've said on more than one occasion, "if there's anything you need"....

Moving on....

If I can believe the thermometer just outside the house here, it was showing 1°C when I left this morning on the bike.
So if I were only doing 20 k.p.h. and I think that's pretty conservative, then the wind chill works out to be -4°C.

The good part is though, we've started our 27 minutes of sunshine.



Here's a post script.
Went over to see Bernard next door and borrowed his hacksaw. (not sure which was older, me or the hacksaw...)
Fortunately the material for these things is copper, so cuts fairly easily.

and now we're done.

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