Tuesday, March 31, 2020

We're saving money!

I mean,   what else can one say?

So far,  the hair salon and nail salon are missing a few bucks due to the Covid-19.   I shan't attempt to quantify just how much I mean by "a few bucks".   But let's just say,  with the money we've saved,   I'm thinking of buying yet another woodworking tool and having it shipped to the door.

Just a thought.   Thoughts are free.


Haven't quite figured out what I want to do today.   Might just futz around out in the "shop".   Seems the sensible thing to do.  I have enough material to make a couple more book cases for the downstairs,  so that might be an idea.

I haven't run out of material just yet,  although there are a couple other things in my pea brain that I wouldn't mind taking a stab at.   It mostly involves storage ideas.

Now,  speaking of things involving wood,  I did manage to (finally) finish a towel rack that T.C. had asked me to make some time *ahem* last year.   (These things can take time, after all)

Hard to get just the right angle.  I do appreciate that there are those woodworkers who have some sort of photo set-up,  but I have no intentions of selling stuff,  so I've never bothered.  That chest in the last two pics is a cherry blanket chest I made...some twenty years ago?  And the first pic has a bed that I made for Daughter Number Two some....twenty years ago.   I dunno.  Maybe that's a rough estimate.  Twenty,  twenty-five?   I suppose I should sign and date everything,  for posterity or something.

I do have one of those branding iron thingies,  with Handcrafted by....The Caretaker.  (no,  that last part isn't quite true,  but you get the idea)

I did get a call from the fellow who has the "make your own wine"  shop,  as I was due to go and bottle both a batch of red and a batch of white tomorrow (Wednesday)  but he's technically "closed"  due to Covid-19. 
Now,  considering that wine making involves being ultra sanitary,  I'm not sure just how he needs to be closed,  whereas the Beer Store and the L.C.B.O.  are considered "Essential Services"  here in Ontario. 
I mean,  I'm not complaining,  and I do buy beer at the L.C.B.O. instead of the Beer Store,  as then I do get a couple Air Miles to boot. 
But "essential"?   Not so sure.

Oh and,  for those who are reading from afar,  as good as our Health Care system might appear to be,  our "drinking system"  is from the Victorian era.   L.C.B.O. stands for "Liquor Control Board of Ontario",   and every province has their own little quirky system of regulating booze (and beer).

We can these days buy beer in the grocery stores,  but of course,  I never think to buy beer at the grocery store,  some sort of conditioning I suspect,  plus you don't get the variety that's available at either The Beer Store or the LCBO.

Anyhoodle,   T.C. is making Potica,  which is a type of Easter Bread,  although it looks like we may be having Easter by way of Zoom,  or some such internet thing.  Not sure how that will play out.

I was going to put in a link,  but you can Google Potica,  and see what I'm talking about.

Thanks for stopping by.

Keep your stick on the ice.

And wash your hands.


  1. I am impressed about your towel rack. Good job, man!
    As to the beer, wine and liquor we can buy at NB Liquor which here on the forsaken part of Canada is an integral part of our local grocery store. However, it's not looking all good as the owner has upcoming plans to close shop. Needless to say we'd be "dry and high" when that happens.

  2. Damn I would like to do wood work, but I don't have the skill or patience. Years ago I was pretty good at refinishing old furniture. I stripped out the old dirty finish and buffed and finished, buffed and finished several times. The result was I turned some really bad looking antiques into beautiful pieces...apparently I also buffed out a good bit of value as I later found out it is a bad idea to remove the finish of antiques. Oh well, I was never going to sell them anyway.

  3. Glad you have the projects to keep yourself busy while riding this out in Self Isolation.
    Be Safe and Enjoy your projects.

    It's about time.

  4. Beautiful woodworking.

    The sales tax system here in north Alabama has me completely confused. We pay over 9% for food, clothes, household goods, etc. But we paid 2.25% for the tractor and attachments. The car 3%. Liquor 4%. And feed for farm animals (our ducks) 0%.

    So to drink milk we pay over 9%, but booze just 4%.
    Buy food for us, over 9%, feed the ducks 0%.


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