Saturday, March 28, 2020

It's Saturday!

Or,  as my oldest brother was forever saying,  "Every day is Saturday".   And that was because he has been retired since....I think it was back in the 80s some time.  I'd have to do the math.
So ya,  in our case as well,  "every day is Saturday".   The major exception in the case of the weekends used to be that we would never set foot in a store,  as we had no desire to be out and about with the working folk.  Back in the days when I was working,  and had to venture into a store after work hours or on the weekend,  I'd get ever so slightly annoyed at the Seniors in there,  mostly in the damn way.  Just all I could do to keep from trampling someone's Granny. 

But, we don't want to get off on any kind of a rant here.

We're getting a little bit of rain today,  and the temperature is hovering around 4 degrees.  (Celsius,  what else?)

I was going to have a wee bit of a pity party yesterday,  as both my back and my front were aching like a son of a gun,  after having transplanted that Rose of Sharon on Thursday.

The weather prognosticators were calling for rain,  but in typical fashion,  they were wrong.  It rained somewhere,  but not here.

So it was just about perfect weather for working outside,  with the temps up in the low teens.  Something like that.  Almost "shirt sleeve weather"  for the average Canadian.  Although,  I find that we are typically more willing to step outside and brace the cold after the winter,  than in the fall,  when we've just come through a hot summer.

I'm not entirely sure that the Rose of Sharon will live,  but I wanted to give it a shot.   There was a certain amount of grunting.  Or "peckin' and snortin' , as one of my other older brother was wont to say.
On the other hand,  the ground was considerably softer than it would have been in the fall.   We have clay here,  and it gets to be just like rock.  Digging by hand is,  shall we say,  problematic?

I had to remove one of the fence panels to get in close enough to dig the thing out (I didn't take a before picture,  silly Bunt)  so while I had the panel removed,  I decided to dig out a strip of sod/dirt and put in a row of bricks under the fence.  I still have a fair number of bricks hanging around.  There was an assortment of random building materials here and there on the property when we moved in.
 At the base of each pillar out front for example,  there's roughly the equivalent of a half skid of random cinder blocks that were in the basement.

Three different sizes,  just to make things interesting.

Don't forget,  my late father-in-law was a contractor,  so I guess there were some things left over from time to time.   The story goes that he originally wanted to build out in the country,  but T.C.'s Mom,  (my late Mother-in-Law,  whom I never met) being that much wiser,  wanted to be in town where there was the possibility of public transit.  A wise choice,  as car maintenance wasn't necessarily one of his strengths.   Won't elaborate.

Plus,  back in the day,  there was a "Lakeshore Bus"  operated by Greyhound that my wife's siblings and she would take to get in to Hamilton to go to the only Catholic school around for miles.

The Lakeshore from here is maybe a block away?  Well,  a fairly large block.  Like,  a "Texas block".

And of course,  Greyhound stopped the Lakeshore bus years ago.  Progress.

We finally had brunch around noon time,  and now each of us will go off to our respective "hobby rooms" for the afternoon.   T.C. has her sewing room,  and I my shop.   Did I mention that we have an intercom?   We don't bug each other with it,  but once in a while it comes in handy.

Thanks for stopping by.

Keep your stick on the ice.

And stay inside.


  1. Gahhh, one job always turns into another, often bigger job, doesn't it?

  2. I try to stay home on weekends also, like you say to give the working people some room. I only go to the driving range on weekends, never on the course. FOr now, it doesn't matter.

    Stay safe.

  3. I was looking at my clubs just the other day. Not overly longingly, but more like, "Geez, I wonder when we'll be able to get out there again."


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