Friday, March 13, 2020

As the stomach turns.

Well kids,  looks like the idiots are in full panic mode.   Reports are the stores are whacko,  but these are second hand reports as,  being a Pensioner,  I don't go to the store on a Thursday night,  or any other time when the Worker Bees are in need of a good shop.

Saw one of my long time Facebook friends commenting on the line-ups at one place (on Facebook,  of course),  and moments later,  got a call from Daughter Number One saying she and hubby went in that store,  took a look at the lines,  turned around and left.

I did go to Costco on Wednesday for the usual.  Milk,  bread, cream and....toilet paper.   But,  Costco is where I do buy toilet paper,  unless it's on sale at Food Basics,  just down the street from us.   There was a bit of nuttiness in the toilet paper aisle,  but nothing like I've seen on the news. 

I was actually a little embarrassed to be buying toilet paper,  as I really didn't want to be part of "that crowd".  I can't figure out if the ones that were buying two and three bales,  are actually running variety stores and selling it at a profit?  If you think you're going to have the shits that bad to need that much toilet paper,  there's going to be other issues.  Besides,  when it comes out like that,  it's kind of a "self cleaning" situation.

But let's not go down that rabbit hole.  Is that a pun? 

Not sure.

Anyhoo,  I think Daughter Number one was trying to get some guidance as to whether or not they should stick to their plans to go to Cabo San Lucas in a couple weeks.  She didn't really come out and ask the Old Man (that wouldn't be cool)  but it was one topic of discussion.   The flight down is direct,  but the return leg has a stop over in the US.   That could be problematic.   The flight cancellation wouldn't be too much of a concern,  as many of the airlines are waving their fees in that regard,  but they've paid for the villa already.  Ain't gonna get that mulla back.

Now to some other (more sane) news:

Work continues in the painting department.  I ain't no ball of fire,  I'll tell you that much.  I suspect I put in a good solid three or four hours some days,  and then I get a little tired or hungry,  and my motivation begins to suffer.  Admittedly,  there have been a couple times when I've done a wee bit in the evening,  just to finish off a section.

And we made a discovery.

See,  Travelling Companion had this idea that "we" want to replace the fridge that I've now moved to paint behind.  So fine,  we did some looking on the usual sites,  settling on a model from Costco.  Wasn't about to pull the trigger any time soon however.  The idea was,  that the fridge is "really noisy",  and if we're going to be putting the day bed down there for an extra sleeping area,  then  it "has to go".

Plus, it seemed to be running way too much.

Except,  when I moved it about five feet,  sort of around the corner from the kitchen area,  I immediately noticed that,  not only was it heaps quieter,  but that it also wasn't coming on nearly as often. 


I even thought that perhaps it had stopped working,  and decided to check on it.  Nope,  running just fine.

Well see,  where it had been sitting,  it's not entirely level.  I didn't think being slightly off kilter would make such a huge difference.  Apparently it does.

This is a fridge that we bought second hand almost 20 years ago,  and it's been chugging away down there all this time.  So,  having a new fridge would definitely help in terms of energy conservation.  I'm just not too sure how long it would take to save that five or six hundred dollars in electricity costs.

I suspect,  another 20 years..

Anyway,  hope y'all are doing well.  Self isolating and all.   Turns out,  I've been self isolating for years and years.

Who knew?

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. I've also been a self-isolator for years but Jim is not used to this nonsense. We always buy in bulk so we're good to go.

  2. Yep, we are also self isolaters on both ends of the country! I also have some travel plans in the works--we will see what happens in two weeks--tickets can be held without penalty for a year.

  3. Everyone seems to be self-isolating but with the spread being considered a Community Problem it will be hard for most to avoid contact.
    Appliances always work better on the level even in RVs.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the solitude.

    It's about time.

  4. We live in the countryside so we have no problems being isolated for awhile. I'm a bit concerned about a daughter who lives all alone in a basement apartment with a bunch of cats though.


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