Sunday, November 4, 2018

I think I got them all.

By that I mean, clocks.  *rolling my eyes here*.   I think I now only have to change the time in the truck. 
T.C. mentioned already this morning that she had changed the time in the car.

Why do we do this again?   I like "daylight saving time",  or at least that's what I think it is,   and switching back to "normal" time,  or whatever it's called,  just means that the poor working stiffs mostly now go to work in the dark, and will ultimately come home in the dark.  That'll be towards mid December I realise. 

That was one of the few things that I enjoyed about working afternoons once upon a time.  At least I went to work when it was still light out,  and came home in the dark like everyone else.  No matter what time of the (school) year.

Anyway,  doesn't matter too much these days,  unless there's an appointment say,  the first Monday after the change over. 

Oh and,  I read somewhere (OK well,  on the internet,  where else?)  that the EU has voted to do away with changing clocks.   So unless the higher mucky mucks can't agree on following through on the referendum,  they'll be keeping it on "summer time"  all year 'round.   Sounds like a decent idea.

I was going to put in a link,  but the one I found had too many annoying things on it.  You're welcome.

I guess that's it,  really.

Back to watching football.

Thanks for stopping by.  You know.


  1. It is a stupid idea, but if changed I will miss my bi-annual ritual of watching the TV automatically go from 1:59 to 1:00 or from 1:59 to 3:00. It is sort of like watching the ball drop on is not much of a life, but it is all I've got.

  2. For us old retired people we don't really care, Changed time last night, moving to Alabama tomorrow change time again then make our way to Texas, New Mexico Arizona ( they don't change the time there) then California another time change, Then heading east in the spring we do it all over again. really kinda messes us up but we eventually adjust just in time to do it all again just to miss the cold winter months in Canada. Hmm we will suffer I think.

  3. We didn't change our clocks as we are only a few days here in Vegas before moving into the time zone we are already in and will be for the winter. Sunset was at 4:30PM here local time yesterday. Crazy.


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