Tuesday, November 13, 2018

And then I get tired.

I've just about cleaned up my pile of left over wood that was left behind by Tree Cutting Dude.  Well,  actually by his two minions.  Which was OK with me,  but the way,  as it all burns.  
There's something about that whole bending over with the chain saw that does tend to tire a feller out.

Although,  after a bit of lunch and wee sit down,  T.C. and I did go up to her sister's place and rake and blow more leaves.  Oy.   She has a *lovely* back yard,  but that also means there are literally heaps of leaves to deal with.  Having said that,  T.C.'s sister is 84.   AND,  she was out there with us raking leaves like nobodies business.

(Now on to Tuesday)

Went back this morning and finished off her yard.

We're pretty sure she "won" that contest, in the most leaves department anyway.  Not that it's a competition.

It had rained a wee bit in the night,  which didn't really help.

They're here!   Or at least on our street.

Some years it starts snowing before they can get all the leaves,  which means they sort of get left.   Those trucks that are being used to haul away leaves are needed for snow removal.
It's coming.   There were a few flurries this morning,  as we were raking leaves.

We try to tell ourselves that it's "good exercise". 


So,  just another fall Tuesday.

Thanks for lookin'.


  1. A fall ritual that I do not miss.

  2. I think I read something the other day that it's just better to leave the leaves. No raking needed!

    1. Well, I do mulch up a certain amount of them when I cut the grass for the last time, but I wouldn't want those city workers to feel left out.

  3. Nice to get it cleaned up , used to just run my rider mower around and grind up all the leaves no raking required.

  4. Our leaves blow into the next county during winter! My father made us rake leaves two or three times each season, he would not wait until they all fell!

  5. Hope you are off having fun somewhere.


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