Friday, November 9, 2018

And we both howled.

So,  you've no doubt gather by this point in time that I do tend to sit and watch an NFL game from time to time.  Like,  Sunday,  Monday Night,  and Thursday Night.  I don't do college Football.   Just can't get into it although,  as a side note,  if I were to go to a College game,  I'd go see the Ohio State Buckeyes.   It's not that far to travel,  although an overnight would be the only possible way of doing it.

Anyhoo,  last night was the Pittsburgh Steelers and Caroline Panthers.    I didn't have any vested interest in the outcome,  as getting my submission in to the pub would have meant stopping off there at some point prior to game time,  as the young lady who is currently running the pool has been having some email "issues", shall we say?   I'm just not going to even go there,  as I can already feel my blood pressure going up ever so slightly.   Put it this way,  if the owner of the pub isn't running the pool next year?   I'm out.

I'm trying to think of exactly when what I'm about to tell you all took place,  but suffice to say,  T.C. and were on our way from Vienna to Birmingham,  and I definitely recall noticing these four rather "sketchy"  looking Dudes,  who were set to board the same flight as us.   This was in Vienna,  and we had a stop over in Frankfurt (I think).

So,  sketchy looking Dudes get on the plane in Vienna,  not sure where they sat,  but basically I sort of forgot about them.  (Kind of like the way I'm having trouble recalling the whole thing btw)

On that leg of the flight,  T.C. and I got to sit together.   Yay!
Then we get to our stop over,  the second leg of which would take us on to Birmingham,  and who is also getting on the plane?
Sketchy looking Dudes.

THIS TIME,  T.C.  and don't get to sit together (who knows why?)  and who is sitting next to T.C.?  One of the sketchy Dudes,  who proceeds to start up a conversation with T.C.   showing her his adorable kids,  wife etc.  Actually,  I think he was a bit homesick and was looking at their pics on his mobile device,  and I think maybe T.C. noticed or something?    Anyway,  I was later told that they had a lovely conversation.   Nicest guy ever,  etc.

He and his sketchy looking buddies had been on tour it seems and they were making one or two  more stops and then going on home to California.

OK fine,  we get to Birmingham,  and the Sketchy Dudes (and there is a fifth guy,  their Roadie I presume) are in a bit of a panic,  as their luggage is somewhat MIA.   It did turn up,  but the reason that they were getting a little stressed was,  their costumes were in their luggage! 
It turns out that they were a musical group (a loose definition of "music" by the way) that call themselves Steel Panther.   And their "shtick" is something called "Glam Rock".

And no,  I had never heard of it either.

If you don't care to go to the website,  I'll stick a photo in here real quick like:

Well,  first of all,  it seems they have a huge following,  AND they're still at it.

See,  I don't usually tune in to all the "NFL Pre-Game"  nonsense,   but at the last minute I tune in to see Michael Strahan and company,  and whom are they talking to?   Well,  think about it.  Pittsburgh Steelers and the Carolina Panthers?

Ya,  those guys!   I just about came off my couch!

I had to run upstairs and tell T.C.!!   Oh man.  Too funny.

Oh,  and by the way,  there's only one of them who has his own hair.   The other three with the bandannas are wearing wigs.    That's the biggest reason they were freaking out when their luggage was MIA.   Those Dudes are like....bald!

You just never know whom you're going to see in an airport.  Or...whom you sit next to.  Or what different kind of "entertainment"  there is out there!

Can't make this stuff up.   Honest to God.

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  1. I thought you went off the rails, but I stuck with it and you managed to tie it all together...glad I did, fun story!

  2. Best story I read on the internet today, lol!


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