Sunday, August 5, 2018

Well, that was a bit of a fail.

So,  for "Father's Day",  there were a few items that came my way,  one of which was a package containing two of these new fangled "copper cooking sheets"  for the BBQ. 

Now admittedly,  the Weber Q that I use is considered a "Grill"  as opposed to a BBQ,  but I figured I'd try out one of them anyway.

With pizza.

Hey,  there's a picture of them cooking pizza on the box,  so I figured it should work.  Right?



It *looks* OK there,  but the bottom is getting burnt.  I had to quickly figure out how to get the pizza up off the grill a bit to sort of help it cook without completely charring the bottom,  so I used a ceramic pizza stone that I had stashed in the kitchen. 
We still ate most of the good parts.   The slightly *more* annoying part was,  this was a "home made" pizza,  which we prefer over most anything "store bought".

Oh well.

Hey,  maybe I'll try frying an egg,  or something...

Not sure why I'd do that,  and as for vegetables,  I already have a pan type of arrangement that works just fine.  I suppose if I had to do more than one thing,  and space was at a premium,  I'd whip out one of these sheets.  I certainly haven't given up on them just yet by any means.

Meanwhile,  the cuckoo clock repair saga continues,  and I think I've come up with a temporary solution.  Well,  maybe temporary in a more permanent way.  You'll see.

First of all,  I should mention that one of my daughter's friends/in laws needed some hair cutting practise,  as she's about to write her exam (there's exams for hair cutting??)  so after the word was put out for willing volunteers,  I figured I'd offer up my old noggin for some practise.

I used to do this sort of thing at the hair cutting class they used to have over at a local vocational school that one of our previous provincial governments in their infinite wisdom forced the local school board to close. 
A bit of a sore spot with me,  but whatever.

This of course,  was complete with a cuckoo clock tutorial. Because now I'm *so* qualified...*snort*!

And,  remember how I said that one of the local clock repair Dudes said that he never worked on cuckoo clocks in Germany,  and has carried on that tradition here in Canada? 
Well....I get it.
It's time consuming.   Like,  I'd have to charge more than a new clock would be worth.   Quite possibly including the cost to fly over to Bavaria and bring one home.

But I mostly looked on it as a challenge.  At least that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

So my "solution" for the bellows problem?   Well,  I stole a working bellows out of the clock that we have here in the house,  and installed it in place of the one that needs work.

You'll notice on the left side there,  that one of the bellows is missing?   It's one half of the "cuckoo"   sound.  So the little bird was only going "coo...coo...coo..."   Not ....OK,  you get it.

So I brought our clock onto the operating table to do a transplant....

Of course,   when these guys (Cuckoo Clock Guys?)  put these things together,  it seems there's a bit of randomness involved when it comes to installing the bellows,  as the screw hole for holding the thing in place was not the same,  so that was a bit of trial and error,  but the patient has been put back together,  is running,  and we'll see if it continues to do so for a day or two before being set free.

Fascinating sh*t innit??

As it's bloody hot out today,  we're off later for a "pool party",  but I've promised to not take along the camera.

Wouldn't be prudent.

You'll just have to take my word for it.

Thanks for stopping by.

Keep that stick on the ice.


  1. Yeah, I think that grill sheet thing is bit of a gimmick you don't need. Might be good for fish, but they have basket things for that or I wrap mine in foil. as for pizza, anything in the NY area from a local pizzeria run by Vinny or Mario can not be beaten.

    1. And...I agree. If I had bought this myself, I'd probably turf it in the round file, but of course, it was for "Father's Day".

  2. Do you know where the cuckoo clock you are attempting to repair came from--the country or its region? Here's the rub; my husband, Beach, has attempted over the years to repair his Aunt Grace's old cuckoo clock. It is hanging on the wall now in his workshop, and still has not been repaired. Even when we made a trip to Germany and Austria for vacation, we took time out to find a replica of the clock. So, I started asking Beach very specific questions about his aunt (I never had the pleasure of meeting her as she died in a car accident in her 40s in 1958.). The questions were: When was your Aunt Grace in Germany or Austria or even Europe, for that matter? The answer was I don't think she ever was in Europe. Since your aunt was an Army Lt. Commander nurse in the late 1940s and early 1950s, where did she do her tours of duty? She was stationed on a hospital ship during the Korean War which toured war zones in the China Sea. Later, I found letters from her to her family from Japan when she was on Army R & R. We had been given an estimate of the clock's age as early 1950s. Therefore, we put two and two together and determined that this "German" cuckoo clock was made in Japan not long after the end of World War II. Since Japan (with the help of the US under the Marshall Plan) was attempting to rebuild its industrial base after World War II, Japan was manufacturing cheap copies of other countries' hand-crafted popular products. In trying to get his aunt's cuckoo clock running, we were stunned at how cheaply made the parts were and puzzled because we knew hand-crafted European cuckoo clocks were not made, as a general rule, so poorly. It is still on the wall, not working, but has great sentimental value.

    1. Well, this one says "Germany" on the back, so I can only guess that it was in fact, made in Germany. It's pretty simple, but relatively well made. Once I cleaned it a bit an fussed with the bellows, it's been keeping time and doing it's regular "cuckoo" calls on the hour and half hours as it should.

  3. We have a frill mat that I use on our Weber Q and does a nice job for certain things basically keeping the grill clean for BBQ sauce, would not attempt a pizza in it though, at least you got to eat some of your pizza.
    Nice repair on your Cuckoo clock.


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